Tuesday, June 7, 2022


My hip, leg and back was in such pain yesterday that walking was a struggle.  Yet I was determined to cut the back yard with the push mower so charged the battery in preparation.  Meanwhile I sat with a heating pad curved at the left hip area in hopes of diminishing pain.

After 5 hours of charging the battery I limped outside and tried the electric starter for the gas operated push mower but it wouldn't start.  Attempted that 3 times plus a few pulls of the cord and still wouldn't turn over.  Plugged the battery back in for half hour more ~ same thing.  Charged battery another full hour and the damn mower still wouldn't start.  Guess an unexplained force was telling me I wasn't meant to cut grass yesterday.  And today it is supposed to rain.

Had a haircut and other things to do this morning and plugged in the charger for the mower battery before I left, came home and ate lunch.  After those additional 3 hours of charging was able to cut the grass.  Score!!!!!!!  

The Comstock rug has been tucked away for the last several days.  Chose to emotionally free myself from the pressure and decided to push forward on Mother with Fishbowl.  This is what I accomplished during these last few days.  I'll tuck it away for now until I muster enough courage to work on the fishbowl.  The curtain in the photo had a non-descript design but tried to make the otherwise blasé background a little interesting by doing squiggles.
Here is that same photo changed to black and white.
And the original photograph.  After seeing my hooking and the photo noticed a real need to fix mother's eye.  I'll work on that before moving on and putting her in the tote!!!!!!
Still haven't decided what I'll draw out for the next project and have looked at the three favorites trying to decide.  For this afternoon I'll plop the Comstock pattern on my frame and see how long it takes before making up my mind on which to draw out.  Stay tuned because it might soon.



  1. I am so very sorry you are so uncomfortable. I love love love you mother rug. What an amazing job you have done!
    I hope you are better and hooking up a storm

  2. Mother looks amazing...and you are getting so close.

  3. Oh, duh. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Your mother and fish bowl rug looks fantastic. I like what you did with the curtains. It really add some interest. I know you'll figure out the fish bowl.
    I've been having pain in my back and joints also and had to tale Ibuprofen and it helps. I also use hot magic bags to sooth the pain. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Looking good! Down to "just water" 😉

  6. Well, glad to read that spell worked on the mower and kept you inside for at least a day where you belonged. 😉 Hope you're feeling better by now. "Mother" is looking fantastic!! You are SOOOO close! ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. What an accomplishment on your tribute rug! Also glad your mower finally worked for you. Look forward to seeing your new design as well. Janice

  8. Wow, you pushed on in spite of the pain. I hope today you can just enjoy a rainy day. Your rug looks awesome. You have done such a wonderful job.

  9. Sorry to hear about your aches & pains ....hope you are feeling better . A rainy day is perfect to get some rest .
    Thank goodness your lawn mower finally started for you !!!!
    Your Mother's Fish Bowl looks great ! I Love how you did the curtain !!! I have no idea how you hook wool to make it look like glass !!! What colors would you use ???? Yikes !!! I know you will figure it out & it will be Fantastic !!!
    Take care & feel better !!!!

  10. I'd take the mower not starting as a sign you needed a few more hours of not mowing. At least you got some other things done while the battery was charging. Unlike me when I'm working up the determination to ignore my hip and go out and get garden things done. Mostly all I get done is blog reading.

    You did good on changing the nose, I agree that they eye needs a tweak too. Question - maybe the back of her hands needs more shadow? Something seems a bit off to me. Not criticizing your work, as I remember from long-ago high school art classes, the teacher said hands are the hardest thing to get right. I can't imagine it's any easier in rug hooking. I think if I ever take up rug hooking, I'll stick with more primitive style designs were there's no expectation of realism!

  11. Your mom mat looks amazing,,,,,
    Good for you to push on with the grass,,,Glad it finally started,,,,,,grrrr!!!
    Feel better soon,,,,


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