Thursday, February 22, 2024


At least the very center part of this antique adaptation is hooked but the rest will be slow going because of all the upcoming doctor appointments.  More on that below if interested.  This is a rug which was at Sauder and I named it Hearts and Star geo.  Drew this measuring 20.5 x 33.  The hooked portion with the star measures 12 x 12.5 so there's a way to go to complete the rug.
And, always try to do it, here is a photo of the original antique for comparison.  Just remember that I use 'what I have' to try and replicate the old rugs, so my colors won't be spot on.  Plus there might be a few adjustments made for simplicity on my part.
Okay, so now to the boring and personal part of what will take up my precious hooking time.  I've had a scan of the veins in both legs and they found vein blood reflux in both legs.  That's what causes my legs to swell a little, the tickling 'restless leg syndrome', AND that discoloration around the ankle and heel.  That discoloration might be a mild red, bold red or a blue/red.  That indicates vein 'disease'.  Damn I hate the word 'disease' but that is what it is categorized as.

I'm having some vein restoration done because my left leg would swell later in the day and had mild discoloration around my ankle.  First they did a scan of both legs to see where the veins were refluxing or other issues.  

Went to a doctor who used to do heart surgery and now he is doing vein reconstruction.  So I'm in GOOD hands.  In December I had my left Great Saphenous vein done ~ easy peasy procedure, awake, no pain, could drive myself there and walk fine.  Today I had my right Great Saphenous Vein repaired and will go back for a follow up scan in 5 days to make sure the vein is working properly.

Those were only the upper thigh procedures and there are more appointments for the rest of the leg and then follow-up's.  

Would I Rather:  spend my day at a doctor's office or sit at home and hook??  DUH!    That's a no brainer.  But since I hook, which requires sitting, I want to ensure there's less chance of a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which could lead to a stroke or heart attack. So a doctor it is.

As a PSA, check your legs to see if there is discoloration, and do your legs swell, do you have restless leg syndrome?  FYI, Medicare is covering the initial cost of the procedures (after they determine what that cost should be).  Then my secondary insurance picks up the other 20% after my deductible.

Gotta keep this old body as healthy as I can so I can pull more loops.  Happy hooking.



  1. Fun rug! And you get to do some hit n miss. Aren’t you excited 😁. That might be my favorite part, well or the wonky parts on either side of the star. But I’m a bit wonky anyway ðŸĪŠ. Glad you are taking care of what needs attention before becoming serious. Hope everything goes smoothly and successfully 🙏
    Lady Locust

  2. Glad ur taking care if yourself,,!!
    Loving UR mat,,,,💖💖

  3. Good progress on your rug. It's going to be a bold and cheery one I'm glad you are following through on appointments and procedures. Yes, you need to take care of things so you can keep on hooking. As you know, my husband had a major DVT...he was in cardiac ICU or several weeks and they ended up implanting some kind of filter thing. Scary business that. Snowing here again...and sticking. And of course I have to head out in it. Grrrr... Happy Friyay. ~Robin~

  4. Your rug looks like a fun one to do !
    Good to hear your taking care of your legs & it hasn't been painful & you were able to drive ! Hope the next appointments are easy for you too !

  5. Off to a great start on Hearts & Stars.
    Sorry about all the vein issues, but kudos to you for being proactive and not procrastinating on treatment. As I have said many times, this growing old is not for sissies. You need to take care of that body because you have millions of loops left to pull!!!

  6. yep! that is a great design right there. love seeing your progress! ~ take good care and let's get things fixed!
    Lori from NFF


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