Monday, February 5, 2024


I found my mojo again and it took me quite by surprise.  In the morning I had an order for a pattern and couldn't find the master.  Then started searching everywhere around the room.  About half an hour later I checked a place where it shouldn't have been but was.  Next had to cut the linen, serge the edges and draw it.

That pattern happened to be an antique adaptation of Dancing Rabbits recently posted on Facebook by Lori Neickarz who is hooking it.
Then someone inquired where she got the pattern so Lori mentioned me and sweet Lauren posted a link to my pattern site.  THANK YOU Lauren; I've had a few other inquires on how they could order a pattern, I've responded but so far just that one confirmed sale.  

For those of you who want to go down memory lane and Dancing Rabbit hook along, you can visit those posts HERE.

I found some suitable wool for another section of the background for the stag.   That was just enough time away from the hook to make me want to go back to the Stag.  However, I have chosen my 'plus one' or 'second string' and it has even been put on linen.  But since my mojo was found I'd better make good use of it.



  1. Lori's dancing Bunnies looks so cute already , she asked me if I would mind if she had them holding hearts ...I told her to add those ! It was a nice compliment ! I forgot that offered the pattern , sorry about that .
    Great you got your MoJo back again !!!

  2. I agree with Lauren... I wish I could find mine. I need to dye more dip skin color and I may pick up my hook again. I need a good kick in the***.

    Hook on girl., hugs. Nighty night.

  3. Wooo hooo Glad you found your mojo I lost it last weekend but have been better since. Can't wait to see your next project

  4. Happy Mojo!
    The dancing rabbits are very cheerful. I can see hooking them would be a fun thing to do.


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