Saturday, February 3, 2024


Have you ever loved a rug design but get bored with it?  I have before and I am again.  Perhaps it's because there's no 'plus one' to put on the frame at the moment.  But for sure I've got to correct that situation by deciding on a new 'plus one' soon.  

Meanwhile, this is the subject of my boredom~ the Lone Stag.
The remaining background colors still need to be decided.  So perhaps a break from this rug would give me time to make up my mind and find the right wool.  

Some of you are probably scratching your head saying, "Did she really write that?  Adding another rug with even more decisions sounds like fun to her?"  Yeah, some of you might grab a book, bake something, pick up your stitching project or knitting needles to fill that similar space.  I'm addicted to hooking so my therapy is another rug project to work on.

There was an antique horse rug calling my name, and then a heart rug seems to interest me.   That always happens when posting those antique rugs on my blog ~ it makes me more fickle.

Happy weekend and happy hooking.



  1. Yes, Saundra, I'm scratching my head... How can you get bored with this lovely rug. The colors are perfect. It looks great. You need to get out with a friend and have some diversions. Get on the bus and go visit Lauren. Wouldn't that be a blast?

    But I know that you're itching to get another rug on the frame and keep us in suspense.
    Take care, Hugs.

  2. I have been bored when hooking ,,,
    That's why I had lots of the go at once,,,
    I am the same with knitting now,,alot in the go,,,
    So I am never bored,
    Whatever makes you happy,,,,💛

  3. Am scratching my head as well. However you need to what makes you happy. I am bored with my fabric stitching though and thats why I started cross stitching now. I did like the horse and heart rugs you showed too. Janice

  4. A bored blogger, such a thing exists. lol
    I think your rug is beautiful. It is all right to multi create. Create. :)

  5. Maybe we should switch stag rugs for a bit....I'll send you mine and you send me yours? Yours has a LOT more interest than mine, let me tell you. And yet the wool I'm using for the stag itself is making me dizzy. (Or is it nauseous???) I'm truly trying to stick with it and NOT pick up another stitching project, but a woman has only so much willpower, ya know? Sun is shine here in Nod today...unheard of! Enjoy your day...and your addiction. ;-) ~Robin~

  6. Bored already ...I get frustrated when my colors don't look the way I want them too and I see someone else hooking the same pattern & their colors look wonderful ....Oh well . It helps when a friend says they love it , and I scratch my head ...LOL Guess we all go thru this stuff .
    So I drew out 2 heart patterns ! I have never done 2 at the same time ....will try to take some pictures .

  7. So what have you decided? Finish Stag or a plus one?


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