Sunday, February 11, 2024


Don't think many, if any, of the rugs posted here will float your boat but among the rugs recently found these were my pick among the lots.  First is a Shaker rug with horse dated 1840.  
A close up of the horse but still not a good picture.
A quite faded basket of flowers circa 1890 which measures 30 x 46.5.
And a view of the true colors on the back.
A more simple primitive design of the moon and stars dated 1920 with dimensions of 21.5 x 36.5.
This rug of bear cubs is kinda cute because they small baby cubs.  But they grow up to have humongous appetites.  I forget which auction site it was listed on but was only cost $295 including shipping.  But I doubt Cathy would be interested because of her encounters with the grown up species.
This geometric below reminds me of the dna structure chain.  Guess you'll never look at this design the same way again will you, lol.
An unusual coloration of a dog but another example of someone using what they had.  
An old rug with a child holding balloons said to be circa 1925.  
What I found somewhere soon after was this very interesting Charlie Brown applique piece.  I speculate it was an adaptation of the above hooked rug.
That's all folks.  Hope next time I go searching there will be more interesting rugs to show.  Or for sure before I need to draw another for me to hook.  Speaking of hooking ... guess I'd better get back to the Stag because I need something to bind while waiting to have my vehicle in the shop.  Just might need a new ignition.



  1. I actually like the bear one and the balloon one....not enough to hook them but..... Hope your car repair isn't too costly or disruptive. If it turns into something bigger, let me know. I have several rugs I could send you to finish. ;-) ~Robin~

  2. that horse is just perfect....and the dog. lol
    Lori from NFF

  3. They’re all terrific! Yes I hope the car isn’t too costly. Everything is marked up these days. Almost springlike where I am . Sheepunderfeet

  4. I know Anita White has taught the "dna structure chain" in a class.
    Basket of Flowers...I like the faded version much better ;-)

  5. Interesting rugs. The horse looks like two people inside, a primitive drawing aspect. I'm not sure, but the geometric, would be a nice border for the horse.

  6. I usually don't care for bright colors but I like the first balloon rug. A great way to use up worms.

  7. I like the borders on the horse rug ....the chain . DNA , LOL , would drive my eyes crazy to hook ! Good Luck with your car

  8. Such interesting mats,,,,
    Wonderful ideas,,,


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