Monday, February 19, 2024


Take a look at some of my recent finds of old rugs.  Soon there will be more birds flocking to our feeders with the anticipation of spring-like weather.  Here is a rug with 5 birds which was said to be hooked early 20th century.  
A wonderful geometric which was in a photo of a group of three for auction.  This was the best (in my opinion) and no other info was provided on any.
Red horse with thistles in the corners.  Again no dimensions or date provided.
Floral geometric.  At first glance my thought was the end motifs were stylized bee skeps, what say you?
Prancing horses hooked
 late 19th century and measures 40 x 51.  I think the curled design around the horses is to represent a rope... me thinks, lol.
Oh I love this stag, and if I'd seen it earlier this might have been my choice to hook instead of the last stag project.  But I would have chosen a different color for the flowers other than pink.  Hooked 19th century and measures 28.5 x 34.
Hen and chicks circa 1900; 20 x 34.5.
That's it for now, time for lunch (homemade vegetable soup) then pull some loops.  Have a great day!



  1. Happy loop pulling and thanks for the show ;-)

  2. Nice rugs. I like the birds, but the center one is too large. I think it would look beautiful in the middle of that geometric rug.

  3. That stag rug is uncannily like your stag...but unusual choices of colors. Lunch sounds good. I better think of something to make for dinner. PBJ is not an option tonight as I used the last of my PB. Happy hooking. ~Robin~

  4. Thanks for the fun Show!
    Love animals,,,,

  5. Still cold here soups sounds great. I like the bird one. we have so many birds at our feeders right now. sadly we will have to take them in soon as the bears will be waking up.

  6. always fun to visit your rug shows!...the hen & chicks has my heart, but I do like the bird rug too! Happy loop-pulling! ~ Lori from Notforgotten Farm


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