Sunday, February 25, 2024


Those initials would be NGS (Nancy Gertrude Scott) and BEM (Barbara E. Merry).  I have posted their work here before but I've acquired a few new followers and found a few new rugs since that time.  Nancy is the daughter of Barbara who followed in her mother's footsteps into hooking rugs and painting.  Nancy's work is mostly folk-art hooking and some painting whereas Barbara's was mostly landscapes.  You can read a little more on Barbara HERE.

These are a few recent finds of Nancy's.  Was surprised by the train rug and wonder what the story is behind this memory.  Most of Nancy's work was around the farm she lived on and around.  
I found this Santa listing very interesting.  It indicated this early hooked piece was when she used an acorn to identify her work before being talked into using her initials.  The acorn is bottom right of Santa and the only piece with an acorn I've found.
The rug below measures 17 x 24 and she signed her last name instead of initials.  Perhaps this too was before she started using her initials.
A Welcome rug where Nancy signed her name at the top.  
A boy with dogs also signed N Scott.  I don't have chronological dates when these rugs were hooked.  This one measures 31 x 37 and from the estate of Laura Fisher.
Kids eating watermelon.  Her mother Barbara used to hook rainbows in some of her rugs which, according to Barbara, represented hope.  Are those rainbows hooked in this border or watermelon rinds?   
Kids with a cat on the girl's lap.
Home Sweet Home, am wondering what those images are in the border of the rug.
Dimensions  of the rug below are 33 x 53 and her initials hidden behind the auction house name.
Statue of Liberty measures 27.5 x 34.5.  
Hard to see what some of those animals are, except the chicken.
Found the rug below in January but just now posting it too.  
Even more chickens hooked in the rug below.
This row of houses/buildings was a familiar scene hooked by Barbara too so must have been a happy memory.
Quite a detailed whaling scene hooked by Nancy.
And like her mother, she was good with a paint brush.  July 4th below.
And this painted plantation scene measures 33 x 58.
In other news ... while eating my soft oatmeal this morning, all of a sudden I felt a chunk of tooth/silver filling mixed with the oatmeal.  As luck would have it I've an appointment on Wednesday for a cleaning where they can check it out.  Am sure I will need a crown as the area is large and part of the shell of enamel gone.  So $$$ plus try to find a spot in my schedule that isn't filled in with the vein procedures.

Guess I'll go hook while there's time at home and not at a doctor's office.



  1. All of these rugs are fun to see ....there are still Jamaicans working and living in Maine . There is a big Lobster place in Belfast that has mostly Jamaicans working for them . Such neat primitive designs , but I really like Nancy's Statue Of Liberty ! Very interesting . Thanks for the show !
    Oh no your poor tooth ........

  2. Interesting read about the acorn. I miss seeing the red cabooses on trains. I'll trade my wisdom teeth for your crown. Janice

  3. If it doesn't rain it Pours! The old saying,,,,
    These mats are so so fun,,love the chickens,,,,her mats are so unique,,,,

  4. Some great primitive designs....and a LOT of hooking. I think my favorite is the whaling scene. I like the idea of a singular motif like the acorn being adopted as your trademark and finding a way to incorporate one in each rug you hook. Bummer about the tooth. I'll trade both your crown and Janice's wisdom teeth for what they have planned for me. (Removing my bridge and the two teeth on either side of it and replacing with implants and another bridge. Yikes, I might have to go back to work to afford that...) Happy's definitely one here. ~Robin~

  5. gorgeous rugs...and favorites of mine! hoping your tooth will be fixed pronto!
    Lori from NFF

  6. What a fun rug show.
    UGH on the tooth. Even if you have dental insurance, it is outrageous what dental work costs. Good luck.

  7. wow what a rug show! Sadly I have many rugs unsigned and not labeled so I guess that should be one of my "to get done's" Dang so very sorry about your tooth oh I have had so many issues in the past few years it makes me shiver to think about it.


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