Thursday, February 1, 2024


It's February first and Valentine's month.  Do you need or want a Valentine themed rug to display every February?  If so this post will have some antique rugs which may appeal to your heart. 

Here's a mix of hearts and primitive flowers.
Hearts and circles dated 1880-1900.
The date is already hooked into the mat below.
Floral with heart border, and a wonderful blotchy background.
Here's one you might like Sue, since it has tans and browns.
This next rug is one I hooked and is an antique adaptation.
Hand in Heart hooked 1920.
A nice geometric with hearts hooked between 1920-30.
Horses with 6 hearts late 19th century from Pennsylvania.
Antique Hearts hooked between 1880-1910.
Below is the adaptation I hooked.
This next one is an antique but I hooked the design and made it into a pillow.  
This rug below was in a previous blog post but deserves to be here too.
This rug was in the 
Country Living Book 'Seasons at Seven Gates'.
Black, gray and white horse and hearts.
Hearts and 8 point stars hooked 1911.
A more colorful hearts and 8 point star rug with hit and miss background.
Another rug with circles and hearts.
Or you could use hearts to make a geometric design of any size you like.
A home with hearts in corners said to be hooked between 1880-1890 found in Ephrata, PA.
Below is a pattern I drew for and hooked by Lisa.  I named it Hearty Heart.
March 6, 1931 must have been an important date to the hooker.
There are probably more heart hooked rugs among those which were salvaged by the computer tech.  But I didn't scroll thru those unnamed jumbled up photos.  Hope this post provided you with a little fiber for your heart health today.  Happy hooking.



  1. WOWZA!!! That is a lot of heart rugs. As I told Sue, my plan was to finish little Rudie and work on a UFO from years ago...but I am being tempted to hook a heart rug!!!
    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful rugs. You have a big heart ;-)

  2. And you did an amazing rendition of the Antique Hearts rug!!!

  3. Oh my Heart is going Pitter Pat !!! My Love for hearts is dangerous ....everyone is telling me you need to hook this one & this one ....I already have lots of hearts around , but guess you can never have too many ????
    I saw Lori's neat candy box filled with all the pretty Valdani threads & you thought it would be great hooked ....You Got Me on that one too !!! Love that idea all circles !!!
    I need to decide which one I Need ...LOL

  4. These are all wonderful. I have my replica of the fifth from bottom in storage. It was one of your challenge ones for wool-less hooking.
    I like all of these. My high school art teacher hated hearts and discouraged us from incl then in our creations. Never understood that.

  5. How can one not love these old rugs. Hearts are wonderful in all seasons!

  6. Great job, Saundra... You came up with the mother load of heart rugs. I think that we need more heart rugs, especially when our countries and the world are getting more and more less loving. I like traditional rugs but I also like these primitive rugs.
    I think that my favorite is the geometric one.

    Thanks for the rug show.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Lots of great choices here....but I think my favorites are the second one and the brown/tan one. Don't think I will be doing any heart projects this season... Usually i try to at least stitch a little something or do something in paper. Just not "in the mood" I guess. ~Robin~

  8. I'm not a super heartsy sorta gal, but like your adaption and that last one is fun - as in is that another critter to the right of the dog and is that a 7 on the lower left of the heart and if so what is on the lower right? I'll stop - kinda like a 6 year old with questions 😂

  9. Wow! That was great,,,,I love heart mats,,,
    Love them all,,,

  10. Lovley designs. It would be a nice Valentine project to create a new heart design to hook.


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