Monday, March 18, 2024


Binding Lone Stag rug was put on pause for several weeks and finally completed the task this afternoon.  I do hate binding no matter which technique.
As I'm close to pulling the last loops on Star and Hearts thought I'd better get busy planning my next rug.  Sure don't want to be a frustrated hooker with no rug ready to throw on the frame.  I've even drawn it out but you'll have to wait to see what it is once hooking is done on the present project.

Spring equinox is tomorrow and this is the view from my front door.  The forsythia is beautiful now and soon those yellow flowers will turn to green leaves.  And when the buds on the other trees develop to leaves the meadow will be hidden from my view.
There are numerous daffodils around the yard but didn't take a stroll around the yard this evening to take photos.  You can see some at a distance in the photo below.
Happy Spring Equinox and happy hooking.



  1. Love seeing the first blooms ,,,love florthysia,,,,,

  2. We need a Stars & Hearts update. Can't believe you are almost done and just teasing us about what will be next on your frame!

  3. Lovely Rug!
    Beautiful yard, it has a woodsy magical vibe.
    Happy Spring!

  4. Forsythia is so beautiful. It’s such a welcome splash of color against the grey of winter 💕
    Lady Locust

  5. You have some lovely views to drink in. How fun to have a hidden meadow! ~Robin~

  6. No Spring flowers here yet. Snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Spring has become out Winter now it seems. Love your rug. Cannot wait to see what's on tap for your next one. Janice

  7. I've been viewing your post backward but I still love those Forsythias blooms. A splash of bright yellow is balm for the eyes this time of year. Your yard looks almost magical. Nothing blooming here yet. I heard my first Robin singing yesterday but didn't see it in the branches but I know he's around.
    You did a great job on Lone Star.
    Hugs, Julia


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