Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Slow seems to be the speed of my hook, but eventually I'll get there.  Am trying to figure out the right colors and where to start on the fox itself.
I'm taking a little creative license on the fox as I want it to have the white chest like the Delaware red fox.  
My fox will still look primitive, but not a narrow cut realistic rendition. We have grey and red fox in Delaware, here is a beautiful photo of a red fox.  
BTW, I even noticed a red fox on the beach when attending rug camp at Ocean City, MD.  She must have had kits under the boardwalk as that is where she retreated.  Didn't get a photo of that sighting tho.

My friend Lauren and I were chatting this morning about protecting the edge of a rug before it is hooked.  I'm referring to the 1" or whatever you use as your binding requirement.  If you look at the rug pattern above you can see I did two rows of straight stitching and connected them with a zig zag stitch.  That way when I trim away the extra width around the pattern it is protected against fraying

I've forgotten to take that step a couple times and it was a pain manipulating the bulky and heavy rug around the sewing machine to secure the edge after hooking.

In other news... in the wee hours of the morning a container ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.  Had it not been for the time there may have been more vehicles crossing the bridge.  You may hear about this on your evening news and about the search and rescue.  At the time of this post there are 6 bridge construction workers still missing and perhaps unknowns who may have been in vehicles crossing when the bridge was hit.  God Bless them and their families.
Am sure this event will have an effect on the supply chain for this area as the Port of Baltimore will probably be out of commission for a while.  Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store and buy extra non-perishable items which are my favorites and more toilet paper, lol.  Plus other items which were hard to find just before Covid hit.  Or was it just after Covid?  Can't remember the timeframe because there was also a container ship stuck in the Chesapeake Bay but I do know shelves were empty.

Happy Hooking.



  1. The video of the bridge collapse is just surreal. Prayers for the families who lost loved ones. Imagine if it had happened during rush hour.

  2. And I would not say your hooking speed is slow. You hook more than anyone out there.

  3. I agree with GT...you're anything but slow. We had a neighbor when I lived at my mom's who had 3 pet foxes. They found them abandoned as young kits and adopted them. They were the sweetest things. Yes, tragic about that ship. Quite a few disturbing theories out there. And, yes, it will definitely affect supply chains for a long time to come. The Baltimore Port was the largest American port for handling agricultural products and construction and farm machinery and products. ~Robin~

  4. Loving the fox and colors so far. They are such a pretty animal, it’s a shame they are so naughty.
    Lady Locust
    Oh PS - me being me: you could hide a chicken outline in the background 😂

  5. Just an awful thing to happen,,,sad,,,
    Your mat looks great,,,,

  6. Your fox will be beautiful. We have both gray and red ones here too. What a tragic accident. I was telling Bob that this could happen to us with all of our freighter traffic under our bridges here. We have had many freighters lose power and slam into the shore. One even almost hit our dock. Another one almost hit a restaurant...so yes it could happen anywhere. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Janice

  7. I agree with Lauren, you certainly are not a slow hooker but I am...

    When you mentioned "slow", I thought about the little turtles that visited your yard last spring or summer. I hope that they has a safe place to hibernate, with all the water you had in your back yard.

    I've been watching the news bout the bridge collapse. It just fell like a house of card. Unbelievable... I'm glad that it didn't happened during rush hour. Prayers for those who lost their lives and for their families.



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