Wednesday, March 13, 2024


My recent searches have uncovered some wonderful rugs and am excited to share them with you.  First up is the Cat with flowers dated 1889.   The rug has a pleasanr neutral hit and miss background which I like.
Dog and her pup and don't have a date on this one but dimensions are 26 x 39.5.  I know, I'd rather have the date than dimensions too but can only provide what the auction house provides.
Double starburst said to be hooked late 19th century with dimensions of 25 x 36.
A block border and inside very primitive hooked flowers dated between 1900-1910.  Love this.
Hmm, think I've posted this before like around Christmas because at first glance all I could see were Christmas tree lights laying on the floor.  It is from the Hagley Museum, dated between 1850-1900 and measures 34 x 40.  Don't think I had the info before.
Love this fox rug and I've seen some beautiful healthy red fox around this neighborhood.  So maybe one day if I live long enough this will be on my frame.  So many oldies I want to hook and I'm just not hooking fast enough, lol.
Twin horses and harder to see are the four birds on the inside corners.  Dated 1800-1900 and dimensions of 40.5 x 48.
A Nova Scotia runner (53 x 58) and the creative use of the hit and miss hooking gives the appearance of the colors melting.  Very creative.  Oops don't have a date on this so if anyone knows please inform me.
Would you believe the temps got up to 68 today (Wednesday), or at least the last time I checked, so could be higher.  And it will be around 74 tomorrow, which the weatherman says is about 20 degrees higher than normal.  Would love it if the lake would disappear but word is there will be rain again on Friday.

Happy hooking.



  1. beautiful rugs ~ I guess I'm partial to wonkiness, I'm loving that floral with the blocked border. {and I see xmas lights too} ;)
    Lori from NFF

  2. Wow! You did find some good ones. I too like the one with the checked boarder. The fox is totally a you rug! You should add it to your list (yes, your list, not my list. My list is full.) 😂
    Lady Locust

  3. Such fun great mats,,,
    Thanks for the show,,,

  4. You find the best antique rugs!
    Unlike Lori, that block border rug makes my head spin.
    I do like the one with the "Christmas tree" lights.

  5. Fun rugs MD! Of course I like the primitiveness of the kitty one...and I like the Christmas lights one. That last one intrigues me...Definitely not my "style," but wow...the artistry it took to do that. It almost looks like weaving. I'm impressed. Wow...enjoy the warmth. We had a couple days that hovered around 60 but are now on a downward path again with highs back in the 30's/40's. ~Robin~

  6. The last one made me a bit dizzy, but so love that you are able to find all of these old wonderful rugs to share with us. Janice

  7. Always fun to see your rug shows....the last one looks like it the colors are melting idea how they hooked that !
    It is 71 here , was a beautiful day , but my allergies are driving me crazy ! Looks like rain this weekend for us ....hope you don't get a lot of rain !


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