Friday, March 8, 2024

Back to the Dye Pots

Decided to do a little more dyeing before putting all the supplies away.  Since there was more liquid left of Old Patina recipe thought I'd do more of the uglies.  Actually that white and tan plaid is not ugly, but wanted it toned down to look aged.  So did two pots with different amounts of dye in the pots for different results.

These 4 pieces are the before wool shown on the left (below).
The other 3 pieces on the right you've seen in other photos and is the after dyeing.  Sheesh, I could have put them in the same order, duh,  lol.
Also decided to use up some left over Soldier Blue from the Beautiful Wool dye book, which really looks like a periwinkle.  Wasn't sure what I'd end up with but as it turns out I like it.   On the left is the wool I started with and the right side are the results.  I particularly like the bottom wool results and don't know what I was thinking when buying that one either.
Thankfully there's more of the Soldier Blue dye left so will plan for another dye day.  Probably this weekend since there is going to be MORE RAIN.   Speaking of rain ... the local news said there was already 4-5" of rain this week and yet we'll get more this weekend.

Next time I decide to get the pots out I should plan for the event rather than grabbing wool at the last second and not letting the wool soak long enough.  But won't bore you with this weekend's results.  Am hoping to do an update of Star and Hearts rug.



  1. What a difference dying the wool made .....looks so nice and prim !!! Will be fun hooking with those now ! More rain for us too was a beautiful sunny day , still chilly , but nice to see the sun. Have a nice weekend pulling loops with your pretty new wool !!!

  2. Oooo....I really like the bottom wool in the last photo - both before and after. Yikes - more rain? You really are getting inundated (no pun intended - really). We've had so very little precipitation this year it is actually somewhat scary. We usually have a huge melt in a month or so, with the snow melting and the frost releasing and the sump pumps run non stop. While the ground is still frozen mostly and we're not out of the woods for major snow storms, it certainly won't result in the Great Melt. Have a happy weekend hooking. ~Robin~

  3. Always enjoyed dyeing years ago,,,,

  4. just love the after colors...perfectly prim!
    Lori from NFF

  5. You'd better stop playing in the dye pots (btw...great results) and start building an ark!

  6. Primed up nicely. Love the alchemy and the sometimes surprise of what dying can bring about.


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