Sunday, March 10, 2024


There's still more to hook so haven't even begun looking for 'the next one'.  Plus have more binding to do on the Stag rug.  But you know binding is never a priority of mine.
Was quite pleased to use some black and white wool which I'd previously considered tossing.  It had been hooked and pulled out so was kinda thready and figured unusable.  Certainly did the job in this rug tho.  Below is the original antique which 
is an Amish rug said to be hooked between 1920-30 and was on display at Sauder 2023.  
After this weeks rain the tide has risen even higher.  This is the back yard and the water goes inside the fenced yard and along both sides of the  yard.  I might not live in a castle but do have a moat.
Winds are horrific and fear with the wet ground there could be trees blown over in the yard.  Hope not again.

Back to the rug, tata.



  1. Great progress on your rug!
    Yes, you do have a moat. Hopefully it will recede soon.
    Nasty and windy here in Ohio today, but thankfully only a dusting of snow. One never knows what kind of weather March will bring. A little bit of everything!

  2. lovely rug ~ we had those winds yesterday and a few branches down too.
    Lori from NFF

  3. I cannot believe how closely you are replicating the original. Your colors couldn't be more spot-on. Impressive. Wowza on the moat. That's just crazy. Hopefully the winds will dry things a bit and not take down any trees. We are having lovely spring weather here. With the exception of a bit of snow/rain a week ago, we're dry...very dry. ~Robin~

  4. Your rug is coming along nicely 😍 So if anyone asks, you'll be spending this week at the lakehouse. You could have a lot of fun with that one

  5. Lady Locust , reply " Spending The week at the Lake House !!! "....your poor yard !

    You are Nailing the Stars & Hearts !!! Looks exactly like the antique !!! Beautiful !!

    We had really strong winds yesterday & again now ....our huge pine trees & oak trees are swaying side to side ...scary !

  6. Oh no on the moat. I hope no more trees fall down. Love the rug. Janice


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