Saturday, March 30, 2024

Testing and Something Interesting

Am testing three things...the white chest, textured and white wool for the tail and a piece of dark textured wool for the legs.  And I'm sure the leg will have to be brown like the other three.  First thing I will do is reverse hook front paw and continue with the fox.
As of this moment think I'm okay with the white chest which makes the white tail acceptable to the eye and brain, me thinks 😐.  Here are a couple other photos of fox which show the white tail.  
Both of these photos were taken from state of Delaware fox web sites.
Something I found, or rather re-discovered, yesterday was this old photo from Barb Carroll's home.  Upon seeing the photo in my old pictures recall when she was working on it and had only the directional hooking of the fox done.  

This is Barb Carroll's adaptation of the antique rug and instead of the date she put another 8 point star in its place.  Bet she pulled all those wool strips from her huge basket of delicious worms which were located in the classroom.
Happy Easter to all of you.



  1. Red fox is looking sweet. Happy Easter. Janice

  2. Mr. Fox is looking mighty fine. I like the chest and tail.... I'm not really fond of Barb's version. I'm not sure I'd know it was a fox unless told? Guess I'm a realist in this case. Enjoy your day pulling loops! ~Robin~

  3. Tail looks great...but I am glad you are going to reverse hook the paw.
    You are making great progress!

  4. Your fox is magnificent and I think he looks better without black paws. Like Robin, I'm not fond of the hit and miss fox. It's probably because I'm a realist too.

    I'm slowly visiting blogs and leaving comments. It might take a while.
    Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Love the wool you hooked the tail with ! Could you use that for his paws too ?
    I like Barb Carroll's version too though ....


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