Thursday, March 21, 2024


Or rather Lauren did.  She said it was time for me to show Star and Hearts so here it is.  It's all hooked but still needs to be bound, when I feel like it 😏
Have mentioned before that I bind rugs differently depending on the rug and how I want it to look.  The original antique didn't have a bordered edge so this won't either.  I don't want a wool whipped edge or anything which gives it additional width or color.  Decided to not do binding tape either.  Instead I'm going to do a doubled cotton red and white stripe binding.  

I've done doubled cotton binding before and wish I'd considered doing that before hooking so the fabric could have been machine sewn along the edge to make my life easier.  Now I'll have to hand stitch it butted up against the last row of hooking ~ won't be fun.

Here are the two pieces of fabric up for review.  The bottom was hidden near the bottom of the fabric pile, it looks and feels more like pillow ticking than the one above so that is what I'll probably use.
Yeah, I know, kinda makes you dizzy looking at it.  But it will be under the rug hidden from view but I'll like it.

Today was my first dental appointment for the crown.  Uh, not the one worn by royalty, but the one in the mouth.  Estimate cost they provided is $1,972.  The nerve is still alive so didn't need a root canal.  If I had needed one the cost would have been more I'm sure.  I go back in two weeks to have the permanent crown put in.  

That tooth had a huge filling and was well over 25 years old.  As I've many very old fillings wouldn't be surprised if the rest of them don't start deteriorating also.  Plus I have a 3 tooth bridge which dates back to when I lived in California and done in 1980.  Sure hope that one stays as I'd be in debtor's prison to pay for that work.

Rain coming again here on Saturday and it will be another monsoon.  And some of you will be having more of the white stuff, sorry for you as well.  So plan ahead to have something to work on and keep yourself busy like I will do.  Happy hooking.



  1. Love ur Mat!, ONE OF MY FAVS,,,,
    GOSH,, it's so expensive at the dentist,,,,
    Thinking if you,,,,

  2. I love the rug and hope you keep us posted on the finishing as you go....whenever. The dentist is the only doc I have to pull out the plastic for so empathy here for you. I'm in California and we are supposed to get more rain here too.

  3. Love your rug - it turned out wonderfully. I'm not visualizing the ticking border so I will be very curious to see it bound. Glad you escaped the dreaded root canal. I've been bounced from my regular dentist to the periodontist to the endodontist to the oral surgeon because of my 3-tooth bridge. Unfortunately, the prognosis is dismal and I'm gonna have to cough up 5 digits worth of "fixing." Gulp. Woke up to a white winterland here - think we got about 5"...and another major storm rolling in Sunday - Monday. Heard 5-8 on Sunday...and a coating of ice to boot. Not a happy camper there. Sorry to hear about more rain for you. Gee, you have a moat and a crown - all you need is a prince? Nah, think I'd take the frog option. ;-) ~et~

  4. Robin's reply was so funny ...You have a Moat & a Crown ! And a very expensive crown , sorry to hear about that ....we need dental Ins now as we get older and have all these major problems .
    Your rug looks Beautiful ! I like the ticking for your binding ....
    We are getting lots of rain too , thankfully it's not snow , my brother in VT could get 12-24" ...UGH
    A good weekend to hook !!!

  5. Love the rug!!! I hope you will show us that finish as you work on it.
    Like Nancy said, Robin is too funny. That girl really should have been a writer.
    Ugh on the crown. That's a lots of wool ;-)

  6. Please show us the finish once completed. Looking good. UGH on your teeth. Am afraid what the oral surgeon is going to say about my wisdom teeth. Janice

  7. I've had an interest in this, but have never made anything. I crochet. Working with fibre of any kind is a worthy project. Following along to see what lovelies you make.

  8. Ouch on the pocketbook. You'll have to sell some of your rugs to pay for the crown. That's a lot of money.
    Oh, that Robin, she has a way with words, doesn't she? Too funny.

    I've used strips of wool fabric for binding rug and hand stitching was easy as there's no resistance for the needle to go through.

    Hugs, Julia


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