Thursday, March 28, 2024


It's raining again with 1 1/2 - 2" expected on top of what is already here.  This is my dreary, dark and damp day so I'll be inside hooking.  When this system is done there will be more rain still to come.  If it continues I'll no longer have a lake view property it will become a floating house boat.
Here is the forecast and rain returns again Monday for a few days.

AND ... it's antique rug show time.  

Finding vintage rugs on the internet has been rather scarce lately, but will show you some of what I've saved on the flash drive.   A bowl of flowers  dated 1900 and measures 20 x 30.
A cat made of wool and cotton on burlap dated between 1875-1900.  It is from the Joseph and Linda Caputo collection.  Do you think this cat was meant to be a domestic or wild cat?
Chivalry is not dead even in the fowl kingdom.  This rooster is letting his favorite 'chick' eat first like a true gentleman 
😊.  Rug said to be hooked early  20th century.  
The only photo provided of the rug and it is blurry.  A frog on lily pad hooked early 20th century and dimensions are 17 x 28.
A horse of course, dated 1898 it measures 31.5 x 46.5.
Am guessing by the shape of the top knot and tails these are peacocks. Said to have been hooked between 1920-29.
A group of 7 rugs photographed together.
The only one out of that group given information was the village snow scene circa 1900. 

And the last rug for today's show is the rug dated 1923.  Renard is a French word  meaning "fox".
Hopefully the auction houses will be filled with lovely antique rugs soon.  Happy Hooking.



  1. Maybe you need to start hooking an ark???

  2. Oy! You are getting the rain. I'm trying to think if I've seen any other frog rugs. It is charming 😊

  3. Wow !!! You could have a house boat after all the rain !!! That is just crazy . Hope your basement is staying dry ....
    I love the Bowl of Flowers and the Village snow scene.
    You could finish hooking your Fox with all the rainy days .....
    Stay warm & cozy inside !

  4. When I first pulled up your post I glanced at the first photo and thought your deck was a pond of water. Whew....glad it wasn't - but, yikes, that still a lot of wet. I'm visualizing little sailboats floating around....or maybe you could adopt a herd of rubber ducks? You may just have to have one of those helicopter roof rescues soon. Love the cat rug (well, the cat part - not crazy about the border). If I had to guess, I'd say it was intended to be a lion given the size of its head and the scruff around the mouth? And it certainly speaks "fierce" to me. ~Robin~ (I'd say "stay dry" but that probably would be a bit cheeky on my part.)

  5. My favs are the bowl of flowers and that horse. A very interesting background on that one. I hope the rain stops soon or you might have to build an ark. UGH Janice

  6. Gosh,,hard to pick a fav ,,,,such great mats,,
    Yikes,,,more Rain!
    Happy easter weekend hope it's OK,,,

  7. always a pleasant visit for your rug shows! ~ love the grouping of 7 best ;)
    rain rain go away!
    Lori from NFF

  8. We have had a lot of rain, especially during the Holy Week, then it snowed and we also had high wind but everything calmed down, and the sun came out on Easter.
    I hope that your water receded. The level of water in the river and the brook rose but dropped down a bit. I'm looking forward to warmer weather.

    My favorite rug is the winter scene. I love scenery. Thanks for digging upthose rugs for our entertainment.

    Hugs, Julia


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