Tuesday, March 12, 2024


While scrolling thru old antique rug photos I saw this 8 point star geometric.  Immediately my mind went to the wool photo I shared a couple posts ago, some of which I overdyed.  Here is an 8 point star, hooked late 19th century and measures 37 x 37.5.  IF I decide to hook it mine won't be that big. 
And how serendipitous that I still have some of this bottom wool not yet overdyed.  The bottom wool would be perfect to use with a little blue, tan and other colored worms thrown in the mix to hook.   
When I get ready for my plus one or next one perhaps the 8 point star will be IT.  Feel free to save the rug photo to draw your own and join me when I hook it.

Happy hooking.



  1. That's a great pattern to use that wool. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  2. You're right! That wool would be wonderful in that rug....and I love the design. It almost reminds me of stained glass. ~Robin~


  3. That would be perfect for the wool you have ! This would be fun to hook !

  4. What a wonderful rug! lots of texture in that rug.

  5. perfect wool for that design!
    Lori from NFF

  6. The wool color would be perfect for this rug. Janice


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