Sunday, March 3, 2024


A few recent finds, and sometimes I find them a second time when up for auction again.  Dated 1890 with 6 primitive flowers and triangle border.
You've probably heard of the "Blue Dog" book and painting by George Rodrigue, here is a rug with blue deer said to be hooked 1900.  It measures 37 x 52  and sold for $1,011 in 2006.
A goat with scrolls dated 1894.
Lovely rug with 3 flowers, 23 x 40, dated late 19th century.  The only full shot of the rug happened to be of what appears to be the back side.
Below the rug is shown folded and believe the front is to the left side on top.
moose and other critters, said to be hooked 1915. 
A somewhat tattered broken glass designed rug measuring 19 x 30.  There was a tutorial on how to design and hook this type rug in the Jan/Feb issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  But you wouldn't really need a tutorial I don't think.
A 19th century hooked floral.
Sitting rabbits, not dancing rabbits this time.  No date or other information was provided.
That's it folks.  Lovely day today and will go outside and rake up some of those damn gum balls, AGAIN.  It is high tide in my backyard again after the monsoon all day yesterday.  Soon the mosquitos will be multiplying back there.



  1. Happy Sunday.
    Thanks for the show ;-)

  2. Always enjoy a Rug Show !!! It got up to 64 degrees here today ! Just had to stay outside and enjoy it ! Hope your pond Shrinks by Summer !

  3. Great rug show as always. A beautiful day here.

  4. Oooo....I really like the blue deer rug....The colors and movement are so tranquil and pleasing to me. We actually had thunder, lightening and a bit of rain last night...but today we're back to reality - and snow. Not much but, nonetheless. Happy Monday.... ~Robin~

  5. oooh me loves the horse and red/blue flowers. Janice

  6. the goat!...but the rug with 3 flowers is simple and wonderful!
    Lori from NFF


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