Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a busy and productive day, but not a lot of loops were pulled.  I worked in the yard for 2 hours until lunchtime.  Had lunch then did a line drawing of an antique rug for someone, enlarged it to size, cut and serged linen, then drew the pattern.  I punched my time card just before 5 O'clock so I could watch The Five.

Today the pattern goes in the mail because tomorrow is July 4th.  Am also planning to work in the yard this morning before it gets too hot and will finish for lunch and finally work on the dog rug.  Am slowly pulling some tan wool for a test drive and may go with that instead of the gold, tho I overdyed it to be more compatible with the border wool.  Jury still undecided.  Here is the rug now.
Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) mentioned I put my initials at the top; you can see an "S" further down but I  might do the 's' thing for the whole background rather than the ripple effect but don't know for sure about that one yet either.  However, the top initials are in the original antique except both are S's but took the opportunity to change the other to a "P".
When I first set eyes on the original antique thought it was one of the ugliest rugs I'd seen.  So when sharing my thoughts of hooking it to Lauren told her I was going to name the pattern "Junk Yard Dog".  But since the dog has since been adopted, uh, rather adapted
😊, maybe I'll name the pattern "Lucky".  Think it was the background which attributed to the ugliness and not the dog.

In looking at both versions now, my background seems rather anemic doesn't it?

I'd better get myself outside before it gets too hot, it's already 10:22 a.m. and will be lunchtime before I realize it.



  1. Your "lucky" dog is much cuter than the antique's kind of scary looking ....I really like this background color ....
    Hope you get more outside work done before the Heat & Humidity return for the next few days . Then you can be inside pulling loops !!!

  2. We are watching the Five right now...and try to watch it every day. Love your version of the dog and putting your initial in it is very clever. Hope you have a great July 4th! Janice

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    1. Ugh! Sorry - hit publish rather than return. I like "Junk yard dog." (haha) That's kinda fun. Happy Independence Day 🎆

  4. I prefer your anemic background and I hope you keep the name at Junkyard Dog!!!
    The antique dog reminds me of an!
    Happy 4th of July to you ;-)

  5. Sweet dog,,,!
    Keep cool,,,
    Yikes hit and muggy here again,,,,Not Nice,,,
    Get my jobs done early,,,,and sit with fan,,,,
    Take care,,,

  6. Ahhh, not that my opinion matters, but I like your background MUCH better than the original. The original is too "busy." (For some reason, I've been saying that about a lot of things for a lot of reasons.). I like Junkyard Dog too...then, again, I am my sister's sista. (Or should that be my sista's sister??). Tough time making decisions of any kind these days it seems. I could stand a bit of warmth these days. I have 2 sweatshirts on LOL. ~Robin~ (Happy (late) Independence Day!!)


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