Sunday, July 7, 2024


Will start off with birds on flowers in pot, circa 1900.  It measures 28 x 39.  
Nicely hooked home said to be hooked early 20th century and size of 22 x 36.  Quite a good job I think; look at the value difference which gives the illusion of a porch floor.  As much as I'd love to have a hooked version of my home it's a challenge I'm not willing to take on.
A rather naïve hooked piece which I found interesting.  Notice the photo tab corners, X's for kisses, hearts and diamond shapes.  Perhaps this was a wedding rug?  Or is my romantic side showing 😍.
Another naïve hooked piece with scrolls, polka dots and hit and miss border.
I'm not fond of this rug and have had it on the flash drive for a few months and want to move it to a different folder.  So I'll make you look at it so I don't have to scroll past it each time I look for a rug to show.  It is sea shells and star fish.  Not sure what turns me off about it ~ the shape?  The brown hit and miss?
An a
pple tree said to be hooked sometime in the 20th century.  Am surprised before the auction house posted a photo of it they didn't clean off the animal hair.  I wouldn't mind if it was my animal's hair but if I was to sell it I'd clean it up.
A dog with lollipop flowers and no date provided.
A cat and dog rug hooked early 20th century measuring a hefty 26 x 57.
That's it for this show.  Now back to hooking the rug on my frame.



  1. Ha ha...I would never have noticed the animal hair on the rug had you not pointed it out. It's a nicely done rug and I do love the background. It looks to be "newer" to me though. Happy Sunday MD.... ~Robin~

  2. I think who ever hooked that house did that a great job.
    The animal hair lol. I haven't had a pet in years but when my daughter's dog comes I have hair all over rugs.

  3. Fun rug show ! Funny about the animal hair ...some fur baby Loved it !
    Some neat rugs Saundra ! A friend asked me to hook her house and the gardens in front of it !!! I told her it would cost her a fortune ! She never asked again !!! LOL

  4. First rug, birds in a flower pot, is my favorite!
    That dog with lollipop flowers is very naïve. It's head looks very bear-like.
    When you have a pug, those hairs are known as "pug glitter"!

  5. More awesome mats,,,
    Love the House!

  6. Great rug show, Saundra! I love the cat and dog one, but the birds on the flowers in the pot is nice as well. Jan in MA


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