Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eye Glass Case Beginnings

As I mentioned previously, someone wrote to inquire about my assembling an eye glass case for them.  I've been commissioned to assemble purses and totes before but the eye glass case is small enough as it is and I wanted to experiment on assembly of mine before I ventured and took a chance on ruining someone elses.

So I drew out an eye glass case and thought it would be a great way to use up some worms by doing a hit and miss.  Besides, I've got some nice black flannel which would be soft for the lining for glasses. 

Rather than making it boring with just the hit and miss on the back side thought I'd do different directional hooking to make it a little more interesting and get more bang for the buck with a somewhat different look on either side.

Since it has been days since my last post thought I'd better keep interest up on my blog by posting at least an 'in progress' picture of it.

Oh, and I just hate wasting expensive linen so when I hook something for me it usually has a narrow margin and I sew fabric around the sides to fit on my frame.  BUT, let me make it clear that when I SELL a pattern it has an adequate margin on it.  I only do this for me because I hate cutting off the unused inches and throwing them away.  Like my mama taught me.... waste not want not.

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