Friday, January 20, 2012

Hit and Miss Eyeglass Case

I didn't get a whole lot of hooking in yesterday because I spent time in the kitchen cooking.  It is great when there are leftovers that I just heat up and usually have a pot of soup, chili or some such meal available for ease. 
I love eggplant lasagna....but I HATE making it. OMG, it takes so much time and it would be so much easier to use lasagna noodles instead of using the eggplant as the noodle. But figure the eggplant is a healthy alternative.  The other positive point to cooking a large pan of this is that I can chill the remainder, cut it up and freeze in individual meals for me.
Usually the first night I just have a huge meal of just the eggplant lasagna, oh and let's not forget the red wine. With the other meals I usually have a small salad with it.   As ingredients go I use part skim milk ricotta & part no fat cottage cheese. Also, use the fat free mozzarella cheese, no salt pasta sauce, but add garlic and spices for the taste.  Put it all in layers after cooking the eggplant and then bake for an hour....voila....  and it was very tasty last night. 
So today I did pull the last few loops on the eyeglass case and took a picture for you.  I still need to steam it, trim and serge it and assemble.
If my assembly plans work well I will share that process with you. If it doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped I'll just show you a finished version and tell you what went wrong and what I did to recover.

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