Monday, January 9, 2012

Project #1 Done

Wellllll, the last loop was just pulled but it still needs to be steamed.  Yet, I couldn't stand to wait and show you a picture of the finished mat.  If you scroll down to the previous posting you will see that I made some changes since the last picture. 

First was that I'd totally forgotten to hook the worm in the robin's beak...duh, what was I thinking?  I mean the early bird catches the worm, right?  And the robin is the early bird ~ the whole idea of the spring mat in my way of thinking.  Plus the fact I'd drawn a wavy line just for the worm but some how got distracted.

Second was that I pulled out the dark legs and put in something a little softer and think I like this look better.  Uh, I think.  I'll have to scroll down and check out the difference myself but these legs are staying.

I'm very glad that I did not hook the word SPRING in the top left of the mat.  Even tho it is a wide open space I'm sure the words would have been the first thing people looked at and the robin would have been lost.  And even tho the crocus type flowers are understated, for me to have put in more statuesque flowers would also have detracted from the main focus on the bird. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So now I'll steam this piece and let it rest before doing the very easy task of turning back the foundation and tacking down. 

And now on to project #2, the Sincerely Jane challenge rug.  Oh my but I feel like I'm on a roll now ~ even tho I've now two pieces which still need to be bound; but at least they are all hooked.

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