Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sincerely Jane Challenge Rug Finished

.... well, almost.  All the hooking is done, it has been steamed and now I'm getting ready to bind it.  But was so excited to show a picture of it I figured it was close enough to post a picture of it. 

Naturally the picture is lopsided, professional photographer I am not.  I should have tugged at the corners to get it straight and reposition myself but since I'm leaving over trying to capture a picture from the middle of the rug it would have been lopsided again I'm sure.  Plus I had to crop out the toes of my shoes.

I'm making headway thru my long list of projects; the spring swap mat has been hooked and waiting to send the first part of February, the Jane rug is done, as is the second Frost Sheep with birds and flowers ~ except it needs to be bound right after the Jane rug.  And now I'm finishing up the hooking of the log cabin rug which I started this past September at Cape May. 

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