Saturday, January 7, 2012

YIPPEE! It's Finally Done

Yesterday afternoon I pulled the last few loops on the E.S. Frost Sheep and steamed it.  It still needs to be bound yet but was so excited to finally post a picture of finished that I turned under the foundation to take a picture.  Looks like the lighting is a little better on the right side than the left so will take a better picture of it before I post it on my web site.

So now I can move on to other things, and just in the nick of time too.  I guess I misunderstood the deadline for the Sensational Seasonal Swap because I understand we need to send it by the end of February instead of middle of March.  So now I have drawn out the design and pulled a few loops on it.  That shouldn't take me any time to hook that because it is only an 8" square design required. 

And then can finish up the Sincerely Jane challenge rug, with only some of the border triangles left to hook.  That rug is due shortly after the Seasonal swap with an early April deadline. 

So what will I hook once my required hooking is completed?  Haven't decided yet but believe me when I say my stash of drawn patterns is huge with lots more that I have dreamt about.  Guess it will determine what is tugging at my heart strings by the time I get my other tasks finished.

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