Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gettin' Closer to Completion

The Frost Sheep rug is getting closer to completion but seems to be going too slowly for me.  The problem?  Not sure, other than life gets in the way.....running errands, walking Ben, making the occasional doll (just finished one of those this week).  Not to mention being on this here dang contraption!  If I didn't have a computer I'd get a lot more accomplished around here I'm sure. 

I only have a few more border triangles to complete and then I can steam and bind it.  I  haven't decided if I'm going to whip the edges with wool yarn, wool strips or use binding tape.  Some of my rugs were also finished with bias wool strips around cording and on the back where the binding tape would normally go. 

Sometime real soon I also have to draw out the Sensational Seasonal Swap mat and get hooking on that since it is due to my partner by the middle of March.  Of course that won't take long because it is only an 8" square mat and all we need to do to finish is steam, fold back a 1" margin and gently tack it down instead of the full binding process.  That is so the recipient, should they be getting all 4 seasonal mats, can either attach them 4 in a line, or two above and two below, or have them individually.  I think that was a great idea by JoAnne, the organizer.

Well, guess I'll put the rug back on the frame and pull a few loops.

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