Monday, January 23, 2012

Eyeglass Case Completed

Here is the finished project and I will describe what happened what worked and what I'd do differently.

Continuing on with the tutorial since last posting, I then folded the case/pouch in half and hand whipped the edges together.  Which meant I had to sew one side and the bottom together with a fold at the other side.  This shows the beginnings of the whipped stitching at the bottom.

This is what it looks like stitched together along the side.

In full disclosure, I had read Karen Kahle's instructions on assembly for her eye glass case pattern which was generously provided in the booklet entitled Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers.  She recommended gluing the sides together.  It wouldn't be so bad if it were for me, but I was afraid of selling something and over time with use it would come apart.  So I opted to do the sewing together.

However, what I did do to cover the foundation open areas was glue a wool strip wide enough to cover the seam.  Seems to me it was a #6 strip as I wanted complete coverage.

And what would I .... did I do differently?  If you noticed the finished piece, the strap and tassels were on the outside.  First of all, with the bulk of the cording it would not have been suitable to tuck inside between the lining and the case.  Plus, because I originally ran two lines of glue when turning under the foundation, it was difficult to put a needle thru that area.

And, what did I do differently?  The next  one I made a more narrow cording was used.  And, even before any gluing or hand stitching the ends of cording was machine sewed into the foundation's seam allowance to secure the ends.  Then I did the one row of glue just at the serged ends and folded back.  Next was the hand stitching.    And instead of using a wool strip to cover the open areas of the foundation material I glued and then pinned the cording in place.  I let it dry and did a tacking down stitch at the very top of the case/pouch to be sure it wouldn't pull apart.

For sure I'll make more of these as I now have a better idea on what works for me.  And this little thing can hold eye glasses, iPod or other MP3, credit card, cash, car keys or other small objects.

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