Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Log Cabin Rug

Ahhhh, I'm finally seeing another project near the end.  Just a little of the border to hook and fill in a couple 'vacations' that I noticed when taking it off the frame.  Then steam and bind.  The sheep on the right doesn't look just as I'd like it to look so might require tweaking to get the shape right and the legs how I want them. 
Now where in the world am I going to put this rug? I'm running out of places on the floor and already have a few on the wall.  Don't particularly want to sell it but just might offer it on my web site and take to my show in July to see if I get any interest.  If not then guess I'll just swap out rugs every month or so. 

The ones I offer for sale don't get enjoyed as they need to stay up and out of the way to keep them fresh.  But for sure I will not give up rug hooking as I love it too much.  So now as I hook the remaining border it will require my thinking about my next project...... hmmmmm. 


  1. Saundra ~
    Another {near} finish. Congrats to you!
    Hugs :)

  2. Love it!
    You are on such a roll!

  3. Saundra,
    Always love coming to your blog. Can get my rug fix by enjoying all the great rugs you showcase. Wish my fingers could hook as fast as yours do. Oh, to have the problem of too many rugs and not enough space to display them. Sigh, maybe one day.

    Haapy thoughts,

  4. I love this one - it looks so peaceful.


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