Monday, January 30, 2012

Rug Show of Sorts

I'm getting sorta close to finishing up my log cabin rug but it is too early to show you as it wouldn't look like I'd really made that much progress to you.  Must admit that during the weekend while catching up on my DVR recorded movies it was difficult to pull loops and lose a visual on what was going on in the movie.  So the movie won.  I did get hooking time in but could have done more had the telly not been on.

This is a rug called Hildefern which was hooked by my friend Deb.  She did the rug at Woolley Fox and used a variety of antique paisley's for the fern's leaves.  You should see it close up and in person.

This is a purse that my dear buddie Deb gave me a few years ago.  I have used it and always received compliments from people about it.  But now it hangs on the wall like a piece of art....which of course it is.

This next rug I want to hook too (so many I want to do).  This is an antique adaptation done by my good friend Evelyn Lawrence. 

And then another rug hooked by my pal Deb.  The design is from Spruce Ridge.  These and more other rugs, but not the purse, were being shown at Cape May rug camp this past September. 

Hard to believe January is almost gone and Valentine's day is almost here, which will be halfway thru the month of February.  Whew but time flys by and I don't even have a valentine project going yet.  Guess I'd better get busy and draw out a heart.

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