Monday, November 25, 2013

ALMOST TURKEY TIME (and Newbie Time)

Yup, people out buying turkeys or getting ready to refrigerator thaw them out to prepare for cooking the Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  This is a design I hooked and was enlarged from a Needl'love booklet .  It has been a favorite of mine and you can see the single "S" on it so this one was also a rug hooked betwixt and between the divorce and name change.   However, I do have fond memories of being with the rug hooking friends who comforted me during that time of hookit it at camp.   I can remember being in the corner of the class room at Cape May with Lucille Festa as my teacher.  In the class and beside me was my gal pals Deb, Char and Yahna.
Thanks for all the positive comments from people who have read and are now anticipating the "Newbie Rug Hooker Tidbits" section of my blog. 

Topics tonight are:

Do I hook in every hole?"

No, not usually unless you are using a very fine cut.  However, if you are hooking a #3 wool strip doubt you are reading my blog.

~ How many holes from the last loop do I pull the next one?

It depends on the type of backing/foundation and the size cut you are using.  So I use Dorr natural primitive linen and hook in either #8 or #8.5 normally, so I would hook PROBABLY in a space sequence of 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2.  Now in turning a corner or rounding a bend it might be just the next hole over from the X of the linen weave turn. 

The object is to not pack tight nor too loosely.  You want your loop to be like a tear drop where (sideways) you can see an open space at the top between the loop.  AND, when you hook the next row it would be normally 3 spaces over.  Again, it depends on the cut you are using.

You want your rows to look like little soldiers with their shoulders JUST touching but not crammed together.  You also want to see the roundness of the shoulders from the top so the light can catch the true color of the wool.

~ What prevents the loops from pulling out?

Just the pressure of the loops keeps them from coming out.  NOW, my girl Shadow would sometimes sit on the rug and turn to scratch or lick herself and perhaps a loop would come out.  Since I hooked it all I have to do is just replace the loop with my hook.

~ How do I keep my rug from slipping and should I coat the back?

Absolutely DO NOT coat the back with that rubbery stuff.  If you have ever had a purchased mat which was coated with it you know how it disintegrates.  That mixture does not allow your expensive and wonderful wool to breathe or free itself from dirt and moisture. 

If you want to keep your rugs from slipping you can purchase those rubber woven mats which are very similar to the kitchen shelf linings.  Those are sold in the rug or mat department and sold in different sizes;  they work great.

Okay you wonderful world of newbie rug hooker wannabes..... I need some questions you want answers to.  Please write me at so that I can keep the help flowing. 

Have a great evening, stay warm and have a thankful wonderful Thanksgiving day.



  1. I like your turkey!
    I like his colors.
    How do you know which cut is best for which design, is it just personal preference? Would you need a certain cut for a floor rug as opposed to one you plan to put on a table or hang on a wall? Is there a chart to get so you know exactly what those cut numbers look like in inches? 8 and 8.5 all sound like rocket science to me, (grin). When you chose to clean a rug, how would you do that and not ruin it? Do certain kinds of wool fade faster in room light than others? Going to put all these answers in a notebook, so i can keep track!

  2. That Needl'love pattern is one of my favorites and of course on my "bucket" hooking list.
    Happy Turkey day!
    Hugs :)

  3. I have always loved that rug and the colors in yours are terrific! Maria

  4. How do you hook a circle or round object? Start on the outer edges or in the middle?

    Thanks for all the good advice!

  5. Oh I love this, you answer questions that I have wondered about. I read a blog when I first started hooking and the lady always coated the back of her rugs with that rubber stuff. I thought it would be terrible but thought well I am still learning. So I am so glad you talked about that as I had never seen it anywhere in the books. I also like how you talked about the loops needing to be little soldiers. That is a word picture I can totally understand.
    Thank you, I can't wait to read more.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving too.

  6. Great tips once again! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'm sure whether you're a newbie like me or have been hooking for a while, these tips with help every one :)

    No turkey thawing for DH and me this year. This is the first year in 38 years that we won't be having company or going to family's. It's just the two of us so we're going out to eat. We made reservations 2 weeks ago and I'm looking forward to it :) No muss, no fuss, no dishes.


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