Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rug on the Wall and New Segment

Most of my rugs are on the floor and a few on the wall.  For a while I enjoyed the Wee Folk rug in front of my garden tub but today decided to hang it over my bed.

The bedspread (summer quilt) I made in 1998 after moving into this house.  In full disclosure I don't consider myself a quilter because I did it the easy/lazy way with big blocks and the sewing machine.  Unfortunately the spread shows lots of distress due to age but also because we let our departed Shumba and Panzer sleep on the bed.  If you look closely you can see two black dogs, a cabin with flying flag in the center.  I did a primitive running stitch with the words "HOME, Palace of the Soul".  But those words are thread bare now but my memories linger.  Those angels hanging on the wall were made by my friend Frannie.

Another view you can see the primitive rug I hooked of Shumba and Panzer on the floor.  Their Memorial narrow cut rug is hanging on the wall behind me as I was taking this picture.

Now we get to the 'New Segment' part.  I receive very nice e-mails from everyone, but particularly the newbie hooker's comments make me feel good to think they are getting something from my blog.  Upon getting these e-mails I normally respond to them that I'd be happy to answer any questions they have to help them along their journey.  Sometimes someone might write.  But more times than not they are probably too intimidated or maybe even think a question is stupid when it isn't. 

So this segment will be called "Newbie Hooker Tidbits".  I'll try to post something on each blog remembering the things early in my hooking experience.   Tonight I'll cover starting your wool stash.

Wool Stash ~  When first starting out there was absolutely no wool here, no colors to choose from so how can I start a rug.  Since I didn't know if I'd even like to continue with the hobby didn't want to spend a lot of money on wool and supplies. 

Since it is winter now the local thrift store is a wonderful place to buy and use recycled wool.  On occasion they will even have bag sale day where you can get more for your money.  Men's blazers are wonderful because they are textured wools (plaids, herringbone, etc.) but coats and blazers have their issues of work vs. waste with the stiffening.  Slacks and skirts are marvelous.  Frankly if it is a color I want the time spent ripping apart a blazer is no issue.

Look for the 100% wool label but DO NOT BUY worsted or the thinly woven wool which won't full up when washed (the term here is not FELTED but fulled).  

Don't bring those wools into the house until you are ready to toss them into the washing machine.  Yes, the washing machine.  You want to start your stash with clean and critter free wool.  I normally tear apart my clothing in the garage or on the back porch and don't bring them in the house until ready for washing. 

For skirts and slacks I usually rip out the hem at the bottom, rip out the lining (check pockets), and wash and rinse on warm.  Then I also dry on LOW with a fluffy towel or two depending on the amount of wool being washed.  Once dry I rip the seams open, cut off the waist band etc. and toss those.  Some people totally dismember the garment and then wash all the panels.  So that is a personal thing. 

Tomorrow I plan to write about my first hooking problem with the second or third loop pulled.  The first one was usually okay, but the second made the first loop drop down .... WHY wasn't I making progress???? Very frustrating. 

Check back tomorrow my fuzzie woolies.  And have a great evening.



  1. Thank you! Am looking forward to loop issues, my first loop is okay and then they go down hill and disappear

  2. that is such a great idea to have a tip each post!

  3. Looks like you've found the perfect place to hang your rug on the wall. I love that your quilt has such great memories - the very best kind of project. Thanks for sharing great tips with us - even though I'm not a beginner anymore, I know I learn from you all the time....

  4. Thank you so much for this section of tips. I am finishing up my seventh rug . I've been hooking a year and a half. Each rug has been a learning experience. I do not have hooking groups available or classes so I want to glean any information you have.

  5. Wee Folk is just perfect over your bed and you can enjoy it so much more ~ or at least I would.
    I'm sure I will learn from your tips, too.
    Hugs :)

  6. I'm sure we can all learn from your tips, not just the newbies. I really like the rug over your bed

  7. Beautiful rugs! Thanks for the tips.Hugs,Jen


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