Friday, November 15, 2013

More on Betsy's Reed's Class

Sharing a bit more on Betsy's class I'd like to show a couple more samples she brought.  And it will take a couple days for me to post all the pictures as there were her samples, a way different technique to bind a rug or pillow, she taught braiding and attaching it to the rug so hang tight and you'll enjoy the ride I'm sure.  Oh, and then there are the rugs that each of us started in class as well as the impromptu rug show of previously finished rugs brought by those of us who wished to share or thought to bring them.

Here is the cutest Sheep rug with a patchwork background with a border which is hooked.  Notice also the light patchwork hooking effect of the sheep's body .....CUTE.
I loved her little critters which were either lightly stuffed like a toy or more flat but with a patchwork back; most were stuffed with lavender. 
When I refer to a 'patchwork back' this is what I'm talking about.  Here is the patchwork back of two of her hearts.
Here you can see her pumpkin (again with the patchwork back), a sweet cat and the rabbit are laying on top of other hooked works by Betsy.
In my pre-class peeking I was in awe when I saw this horse rug and the way it was bound as that made it look old.  I know we all strive to steam and bind our rugs to make them straight on the edge, right?  Well this rug appeared old. It looked as though it had been a rug in need of repair and was done all around the edge in a primitive whip stitch.  So COOL!  Also notice the unevenness of the stitching along parts of the edge of the rug.  And, it just so happened that even this rug was covered on the back with a wool patchwork style so there was some work done here to make a good product but make it look old.
Here's a picture of the corner where the hooking is uneven (planned of course).  Yeah, I know, only a primitive rug hooker could love this.  But I use to admire the antique rugs when looking in Country Living magazine and so much wanted one of those antique rugs for myself.  Now, with techniques like this taught by Betsy it is possible.

I'll post a series of Betsy's rugs without verbiage since I'm getting hungry.  And these are only a sampling of what she brought.

There were other rugs which I regret not getting pictures of.  I thought that I'd taken pictures of all her samples but now when looking for pumpkin rugs and others, they aren't here.   So next post will show a smidgen of what we were shared in class.

Hope you enjoyed part of Betsy's works.

Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Some of these I've seen and they are wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love seeing the rugs.. keep em comin..


  3. I spent Halloween weekend with her at Shakertown in Kentucky. I came home a renewed hooker and learned so much!!! The techniques and the new ideas made me look at my hooking in a different way.

  4. What a fun workshop!!
    Have always wanted to try a braided edge!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a great day!

  5. Yummy, yummy. This speaks to me!



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