Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pre-Class Peeking

It was before supper and the room with two classes had been set up.  Naturally it was fun to peek at the rugs and wool in Betsy's class and take pictures before the room became packed.  This is the over dyed wool on the metal shelving which her daughter Erica dyes and patterns to the left on the table.  There was also another table where there was wonderful 'as is' wool.  I was sure that I'd taken a picture of that table too but couldn't find it.
I just fell in love with these very primitive hand torn hooked hearts of Betsy's.  Stuffed inside is some lavender and the backs were covered patch work style with different colors of wool.  They smell good, feel good and it is also on my 'to do' list.
Below is the cutest cat and mouse pattern by Betsy which I've just got to hook.  Don't know that I'll do the braided border but she did give us instructions on how to do it.  Isn't that the cutest design?  Lauren of Rugs and Pugs also hooked it as I saw it on her blog a few months ago.

This is our table of the class and I'm sitting (uh, was sitting) with my roomie Deb and a couple other hooker friends.  You can see my project in the foreground and this is why I didn't get a lot accomplished..... already I'm missing in action.
I've SO much more to share but sadly I still haven't unpacked my suitcase yet.  The dirty clothes went in the laundry room but the unworn clean clothes haven't been put away (too much other stuff to do today).  So check back again as there's lots more to share.



  1. great photos, I love the hearts!
    cat & mouse is wonderful too!

  2. Looking forward to much more! That cat and mouse was a fun pattern to hook, though I did not hook it with hand-torn strips. Betsy's version is so much more prim than mine.
    Hugs :)

  3. Great photos !
    Love to see the wool so nicely stacked and ready.


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