Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rugs Started in Betsy's Class

Okay, now it's time to show some rugs being hooked in Betsy's class.  My roomie Deb started with her pattern which is a NotForgottenFarm design (Lori Brechlin), and offered for sale by Spruce Ridge Studio.  Deb took the liberty to draw a border around the design as she liked the wavy line and dots in the original drawing.  Deb is hidden behind her rug but you can see Norma helping to hold it up for the class to see.
BTW, it was really nice seeing Norma having fun and playing in the sandbox with the rest of us instead of working hard at Rugs By The Sea rug camp she and Linda organize.

This is a geometric being hooked by Marsha.
Sarah Guiliiani designed and is hooking this beauty.  Her strips are about 1" wide and it looks incredible.  I asked permission to post it on my blog and told her I'd give a link to her web site but guess she forgot by the time she got home.  I'll write her and send her the link to this so perhaps she'll write back and give it to me and I'll post it here in case you'd like to hook one too.  Or perhaps you may see other designs you'd like.
Pam is hooking a design offered by Lucille Festa.

Phyllis worked on this one in class and I'm sorry but don't know the designer.
Oh dear, I can't remember who was hooking this one and I don't recognize those hands.
The rug below is a design by Betsy Reed and is being hooked by Janice Russell.
Another design by Lucille Festa being hooked by Grace.
This pumpkin is yet another design by Betsy. 
Someone in the class was hooking a rug as a gift so I promised to not post a picture of it and give away the secret. 

And then you saw mine when returning from camp and haven't worked on it since coming home.  My plans are to finish Lucille's Long Island Farm first, THEN Shadow, and then have fun finishing up the hand torn started with Betsy.  But this is what my camp rug looked like when I came home.
Have a great evening everyone.



  1. some amazing rugs for sure. It looks like you had so fun.

  2. Thanks for the show.
    Were all the rugs being hooked with hand torn strips?
    Hugs :)

  3. So many great rug designs!! Love the circles!


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