Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another Domestic Zoo Picture

I love it when people send me pictures of their finished Domestic Zoo. Although I've sold dozens of the patterns only a small handful of people have shared their photos with me.  

My friend Shari started this Domestic Zoo rug a few years ago and has hooked several other rugs and kept busy making dolls before finally getting this one bound recently.  Today she sent me a picture.  Thanks Shari, so happy it is finally finished and one UFO out of the way.

DANG IT.  this is the way the picture came and then I turned it on it's side with the PAINT program in the hopes it would be sideways and upright.  Nope.... so sorry.

Here are a few other versions of Domestic Zoo:

This one is by Susan and nice with a dark background.
A Domestic Zoo hooked by Mary.
And a Domestic Zoo by Debbe.

Thank you all for sharing the rugs with me.  I'd really like to have pictures of the rugs hooked by others if you're willing to share. 

Now to Newbie Hooker Tidbits.

Annie wrote and we chatted about her not having a cutter or linen but did have a rotary cutter.  Hey, in the beginning I didn't have a cutter either and used a rotary or scissors. 

First you must rip the wool so you will start out on the straight of grain. You could rip every 3 or 4 inches and either take the rotary cutter and use a quilt guide edge to cut the strips to your width.... OR, you could even rip the wool every 1" or so and scissor cut down the middle (or rotary cut down the middle), down the middle again, until you achieve your strip size of choice. 

When first starting out hooking my strip size of choice was 1/4" wide a/k/a #8 cut in cutter strip language.  But since then my favorite strip size (because I'm a primitive hooker) is #8.5.  And, if you've followed me for a while know that I've begun hooking with a torn strip ranging from 1/2" to over 3/4" depending on how straight my 'snip' is.

Tomorrow I'll talk about backing (foundation).  There's burlap, monks cloth, linen, hairless linen, verel and loosely woven wool.

If any newbies have subjects they would like me to talk about you can write me personally by writing me at:  If my info so far has not been clear enough, please also write me for more explanation.  Since this is a craft/art/hobby that I enjoy so much it would be a pleasure to share the joy of TRADITIONAL RUG HOOKING.

Have a great evening and see you same time tomorrow night.  Stay warm and wrap up in your woolies.



  1. I love their photos!
    Wonderful colors from one to another, but I think the darker one is the one I like best!
    Thank you for the newbie, tips. I am continuing to follow along!

  2. Shari's rug is WONDERFUL!!!
    Your Newbie Tips are great. I wish I had that kind of information given to me when I first started hooking. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs :)

  3. I had a rotary wheel cutter and used it until I was sure I was going to continue to hook . I wished I had known more about larger cuts. I bought a used older bliss cutter that only cuts to 8 I wish I had bought one that would do a larger cut. This is why I think your tidbits are great.

  4. Love the rugs :) I found your blog through another site and I'm so glad I did. I'm a newbie hooker and getting as much info as I can before I invest a lot of $$. I'm a quilter so I have rotary cutters, rulers, etc. Thanks for sharing your tips and information. Not too many sites do that :)


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