Monday, November 4, 2013

Lollipop Bouquet Finally Bound

Since binding a rug is my least favorite thing to do it is a slow going process.  If there is a doctor appointment it goes with me while sitting in the waiting room, or waiting to pick up my grandson from school.  So the rug, needle and yarn or thread stays in the car until finished.  This is a picture of it without a flash.
And a picture of it with a flash.
Thankfully it is one more on my 'finished' list but still have Shadow and Long Island Farm to complete hooking.  And THEN this coming Sunday will go to another hooking workshop where I'll start yet another project.

Have a great evening everyone.  That nice weather I had the other day sitting on the back deck didn't occur today as it was rather frigid.  But at least it is better than having snow.



  1. Sure do wish we could find a binding fairy!
    Great finish. You get more done than anyone I know. Yeah for you, but I am just a bit jealous.
    Hugs :)

  2. great way to kill time for sure.
    I love it it is so pretty.

  3. I am wondering how many people approach you about "what are you doing or making ?"
    When I take my work with me, it usually generates a lot of interest.
    Beautiful finish !


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