Sunday, November 17, 2013

Workshop Rug Show

This was an impromptu rug show of rugs hooked by people this past year.  Or at least of those who chose or remembered to bring their rugs.  My roomie didn't bring any and I brought all of mine but you have seen my works on here number times so didn't bother taking pictures of them.  And with the colorful carpet in the room it is quite distracting to the hooked rugs as you will see.

There was only one other primitive rug on display and it is obvious whose design this is and recognized it right away.  This would be Minnie which is a design of Lucille Festa
As you look at this rug show you should understand that this venue also holds an April hooking camp which was originally a McGowan school.  The November Workshop was never intended to be a McGowan only camp so that people could have the freedom to hook what they wished.  However, a lot of the people who attend in November are some of the same hookers who were students of the McGowan style but who enjoys two local camps. 

I believe most of my followers/readers are wide cut primitive hookers but like me, I'm sure you can appreciate the work and dedication that other hookers delight in making a rug which depicts what they are all about.

I found these two rugs of the same design very interesting and how different they look depending on the color palate of the hooker.

 This is a rug which was hooked by Eric Sandberg.  Would you just look at that tiny section in the shield which he hooked?  Good grief but that's a narrow cut.
This is a closer picture of the shield. 
There was one hooked bag there which was nice.
Sorry these Christmas Stocking don't show up so well but that is due to the very colorful carpet.
And here are even more rugs to show.

Other than mine not posted here, I think those were all the rugs in the show.  Tomorrow I'll either post the rugs we each started in class (with a couple exceptions) or perhaps a synopsis of interesting things Betsy taught us in class.  Of course I'll not be teaching you how to do all the things we learned in class because only Betsy can teach her technique.  So if you want to learn more from Betsy,  contact her to find out when and where she will be teaching next.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.  TA TA.



  1. What a variety of styles. And your comment about the carpet being distracting is right on.

    I am one of your primitive, wider cut followers and can not imagine me hooking with a size 3 or yarn width..

    maybe some day I will venture out of my box but I am too new to hooking to want to wander yet.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I have just attended my first rug hook retreat--it was wonderful--I am hooked!

  3. great photos!
    wow, that is some contrast between that blue rug and the other one!
    that one with the shield is amazing, it looks like a painting. thank you for sharing!

  4. Saundra ~
    I'm with you. I can admire the fine cuts, actually I am in total awe, but it's not for me. At least you have done it ~ I have not and at this point, have no intention to try. Heck, I think an 8 cut is!
    Hugs :)

  5. These rugs are beautiful.
    I can appreciate all cuts and rug designs. Number 6 is my favorite cut to hook with.
    Looks like you had a great time !

  6. Nice rug show. Thanks for sharing!



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