Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long Island Farm Update

Yup, working on Lucille's Long Island Farm rather than Shadow or the hand torn started with Betsy.  Frankly I'm leaving the hand torn as a dessert; was quite surprised that it didn't hurt my hooking hand or wrist during those 3 days and was pleased with that.

This is a picture of Long Island Farm without a flash, which is a little blurry.
Then a picture with flash which makes the colors much brighter.
As I work myself down the sky I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with the fence on the left side.  It could be symmetrical OR could have it with the fence descending down a hill and not connecting to the left side of the border as it is on the right.  Hmmmmm, symmetrical or asymmetrical?  That is the question.

All you kiddies have a great evening and keep warm in your woolies.



  1. Beautiful--am just beginning to learn to hook--so many things to learn

  2. great as always it does not hurt my hand or wrist to hook hand torn It takes so long to rip the pieces compared to cutting them.
    but I do love the look.

  3. Really liking how this is turning out.


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