Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Udate on Long Island Farm

I haven't had my Shadow girl on my frame for a few days and while I've only hooked on LI Farm it doesn't appear much has been hooked.  For those just joining, it is a design by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs and measures 24 x 25......that one's for you Lauren ;~)   And I'll explain the reason not much has been hooked below.

This is what it looks like right now and as soon as I publish this blog post will go back to it.  A picture without a flash which is always a little blurry.  I'm planning to take a little license with the fence too but guess I'll have to wait until the perimeter rows are hooked in for the border first.
And a picture with a flash which tends to make things lighter and brighter than in person.
So, my excuses for not accomplishing more is that I leave Sunday for a hooking workshop.  Yeah, I know that's several days away.  BUT, I've had doctor appointments, picking up my grandson from school, shopping for lumber and supplies for the house/Ben sitter to do work around here for me while I'm gone, etc. 

Worse is that I haven't even started gathering and pack my hooking stuff up yet and my wool room looks a wreck from the rugs I'm presently working on.  But, hey, you know how we hookers are.  When it comes time for a rug camp we make do and will be there on time.  Whether or not the cleaning gets done here before that remains to be seen.  Hopefully my house/Ben sitter will be kept busy and won't notice I haven't cleaned for him.  But I did promise him some chicken rice soup to heat up so that is a 'must do'.

Have a great evening everyone, gonna put LI Farm back on my frame. 



  1. I love a hooker with priorities like me - the chores can wait. Get your wool ready to travel! I like this rug

  2. Lucky you you get to attend lots of hooking workshops.
    have fun can't wait to hear all about it

  3. Is this the Betsy workshop? She is so much F-U-N!!!
    I guess now every time you post the size of a rug, you think of me :)

  4. Yes, I love this new rug, too!! Just did the finish on my Lucille Festa rug and it's on the floor!!!

  5. Lucky you ...a hooking adventure awaits. If your wool room was neat and tidy, I would know nothing was getting done. ;)
    Chicken Rice soup sounds great for these cool days.


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