Saturday, November 2, 2013

Forging Forward

I'm not moving along at a very fast pace but at least I put Shadow back on the frame and hooked a few loops to make a little more headway.  The jaw line has been changed 3 times yet it still isn't right.  Have pulled out loops near her temple and hooked part of that again.  I'm sick of pulling out loops.  In her neck there are 3 noticeable light strips that should be pulled out but I'm not going to do it.  Or at least not right now.  And just maybe never.
At some point I'll stop showing the actual photo of the pose so that you can just surmise my attempt at her portrait is close to correct.  But for now here is the pose chosen for my departed Shadow.
Comparing them on the blog brings out noticeable differences and I see an enormous one that I'd lost touch of working close on the frame.  She has another fold of light flesh which tapers down to the dark black which I missed when hooking.  Since I've not hooked a lot I will pull out a little of the area and do it over again. 

But Shadow is off the frame for tonight and I'll enjoy working on Long Island Farm.  Of course that means I'll need to refer to this post again  before putting her back on the frame and will do some felt tip marking on the pattern to refresh my plan at that time.

This is some enjoyable and comfortable weather right now in Delaware.  My Rug Hooking Magazine arrived a few days ago but haven't taken the time to look thru it.  So I just went out on the back deck with a glass of Pinot Noir, the magazine and Ben where we enjoyed the lovely weather and nature. 

Ben can smell the deer in the woods and he was prancing back and forth with his nose in the air.  Most likely they are lingering in the background waiting for him to be from the yard so they can come enjoy water I keep for them near the woods.

Have a great weekend my dears.  OH!  And don't forget to turn the clocks back.... FALL back.....SPRING forward.



  1. How did it become November???
    You are going to make yourself crazy over Shadow. I tink it looks terrific.
    Lucky you to have such a gorgeous fall day. NOT here in Ohio. My RHM just came today so a quick glance is next on the agenda.
    Hugs :)

  2. Magnificent !
    By the way...Shadow's nose is so real looking, I expect that if I touch it, it will be cool and damp ! ;)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. You are doing such a great job!!!
    xo Louise


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