Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Off to See the Wizard.....

.... the wonderful wizard of OZ.  Okay, not really, but I am leaving for a hooking work shop on Sunday and hoping the wonderful wizard will give me my 'play' back.

I've been buying wool from Betsy for years, we've written funny notes to each other during that time, but I've never met her.  This will be a fun few days if only for that.  And I'm looking forward to hooking with hand torn strips, something I've never done before.  That is as long as my hand can endure it.

In choosing a pattern I searched thru the Kopp book, my pictures of antique rugs saved over the years of ones I wished to replicate and was particularly looking for something that could adapt to a very wide cut with simple easy lines.  There were a few options and I chose this one. 
Mine will only  measure about 20 x 20 so am guessing it will go fast.  Therefore plan to take an extra piece of linen just in case I need to keep myself busy or if my hands give out with hand torn. 

Sunday evening at the hotel I'll work a little more on the Long Island Farm.  This is how this fun rug is looking now.  And I've already decided where it will hang.  I'm not opposed to rugs being on the floor but want this one to hang since it makes me smile.  It is a design by Lucille Festa and measures 24 x 26.
Tomorrow will be a busy day for me and while I'm hoping to make a post before I leave, can't promise.  I've soup to make for my house/Ben sitter, house to clean (the quick version), and load up my van so I'm ready to go on Sunday.

This is just a 3 day workshop and there are just 3 teachers usually.  But it is still fun time getting to meet old friends who love the same thing you do.  And hey, what's not to like about having someone fix your meals 3X per day while you get to hook?

Have a great weekend everyone.  Woolley hugs and lotsa luv.



  1. Have fun hooking! I love Betsy's wool too. Reminds me, it's almost time to order more ;)

  2. Your rug is really coming along nicely. Hope you have a fun 3 days.. Take pictures to share, please.

  3. I love Betsy!! And you'll love hand~torn hooking!! I do anyway!! Where are you going for class??

  4. I met Betsy this October and drooled over her hand torn hooked pumpkin rug. Have fun!

  5. I have done torn strips the only issue I have is it take a lot longer to hook a rug but I love the look.

  6. Oh you will enjoy hooking this rug, its such a wonderful primitive design!!
    Have a great time!

  7. Saundra ~
    That rug will be wonderful with hand torn strips. HHMMM. Maybe I'll have to follow in my mentor's footsteps. (That be you :} )
    Tell Betsy I said hi!!!
    Have a great time and take lots of pics to share.
    Hugs :)

  8. Saundra,I love all your rugs.Have a good time and just have fun.Hugs Cheri

  9. Give mom a hard time for me :)
    Wish I was going with her so we could BOTH meet you finally in person!!!
    dad will be there,,, Call him Jerry ( I call him Jerry because he Jerri rigs everything!!!! ) Mom will get such a kick out of it.


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