Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Binding Long Island Farm #2

I've been rather busy cutting grass (uh, mowing the leaves) and yes raking some too but suffice it to say most of my time today has been spent doing less desirable tasks than hooking or finishing rugs. 

BUT, not to let you newbies down, here is the next installment of binding my Long Island Farm rug using the cotton rug binding method. 
 If you read the previous post you saw that I did some sewing around the perimeter of the design 1" or so beyond the last hooked row.  After which I trimmed the excess off.

Then I mitre the corners of the foundation (backing) so it will lay flat.  Yes, just a primitive stitch, but it works well enough and the stitches will be hidden with the binding tape.
Then I use a wool yarn to whip stitch the edge closest to the last hooked row.  I start with a little rug tape extended a little beyond the corner.  Since it looks better with mitred corners that is where I like to start.  Some people like to start on the side of the rug.  But each rug hooker has his or her desired style.  This picture looks like the variegated wool yarn is pink but it appears red in real light. 
This not the only way to bind a rug and it is also not the only way I HAVE BOUND a rug. 

Have a great evening and if any newbies have questions they'd like me to talk about, please feel free to write me at saundra125@comcast.net


  1. I am enjoying your tutorials even though I am a semi-seasoned hooker. Just wanted to remind you to remind the newbies about washing that cotton rug tape. Nothing worse than it bleeding through a beautifully hooked rug. I know you have covered the topic before but it bears repeating.

  2. I am finally going to bind a rug with yarn! I have done 6 rugs thus far but Since I did not have a place to buy wool yarn locally I just used wool strips. I had not started dying my own wool so I was afraid of trying to match the yarn with the rug. I had been doing two zig zag stitches around my rug but not the straight stitches , I think I will try your method . Hey if you already have your machine out what's one more time of going around the rug. Thanks for caring about us newbies.

  3. Sue, you're right and if you do a SEARCH on my blog you will see tutorials I've posted about washing binding tape. Matter of fact I went a step further and dyed some wool with that bleeding from it.

    Thanks for having an interest in the newbies too.


  4. Thanks for the tutorials--looking forward to the binding part of my rug

  5. Thanks for the tutorial!Christmas Blessings,Jen

  6. I missed the previous post so I went and read it and then read this one, how I wish I could sit with you in person. I am never happy with my binding. I will try this tutorial next time. I have read and read how to do it and watched it but I just think I need to see it in person. I love how neat your mitered corners look. Thank you, I am really enjoying your newbie posts. I went and tracked down when I hooked my first rug and I started hooking December 1st 2011 so I am still a newbie I guess. Thank you so much


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