Monday, December 30, 2013

Well I'll Be... Bells

As many times as I've looked at the antique Santa and Deer rug picture I never noticed until now there were bells on the Deer's collar. 
So yup, had to hook those babies in.  There are three but the ones on the sides don't show up well, the one in the center does.  Perhaps I'll have to work on that and make a different choice of wool so the other two show up; or better placement of the wool color against the brown body.

For sure I'm happier with the new shape of the face and collar rather than halter across the nose; it defines the shape of the head better and gives the deer a sweeter look.  My deer needs a bit of a bigger nose too I think.  Now need to hook the ears and decide on the antler color.
The glove color was also changed out and went with a different and slightly brighter green.  That was an over dyed piece I did on  Honeycomb wool of which I only had a smidgen. 

And... the border.  I've been pondering the border since drawing out the design.  There was the thought of no border, a plain all around border like the antique or hooking swags randomly here and there. 

When it came time decided to go with a regular framing.  I figured the swags would detract from the focus of the main objects.  But maybe next time I'll do the swags.  That is if I ever hook it again.  

What I'm using here is wool from a man's suit coat (recycled wool, ain't it grand?).  The wool has the green from the trees, brown like the deer and a smidgen of brown/gold. This wool appears more green than brown but I've another I just might try before the final decision is made.

Oh, for background think I'll go with the tan/brown plaid texture (thanks for your input Louise).  It seemed to do well around the moon with the brown part of the plaid hooked closest to the gold. 

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