Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pillow Wannabe

Back on my frame is Hearts and Swags, an antique adaptation that I started at Betsy Reed's class this past November.  It was put aside once coming home from camp so that Long Island Farm could be finished as well as my girl Shadow's profile.  So I'm back having fun doing the hand torn hooking, which is all new to me.
One thing I've noticed with the hand torn is that it tends to grow a little once you make that first snippet.  Perhaps it is the angle of the tip of the scissor's position which causes the direction of the rip, but my torn strips aren't consistent.  Maybe this adds to the primitive look, and for sure it doesn't cause any wear and tear on a cutter since I'm not using one.  Also must say that it hasn't hurt my hand by either the ripping or the pulling loops.  Yet, this is a rather smallish piece (20 x 20) plus the fact I stepped away from it for a while to hook the other rugs.

This piece is going to be a pillow, it will be my first hooked pillow and I'll not hook the backside but will use the patchwork technique Betsy taught us in class.

Have a great evening folks, Hard to believe it is just two weeks away from Christmas.  Please be kind to one another as you find a parking space at the mall, stand in line at the register, etc.  'Tis the season where patience and time are short so kindness needs to be stronger.  LUV ya'll.

Saundra (and Ben)


  1. love that rug ~ can't wait to see it will be a wonderful pillow!

  2. Beautiful Saundra, and it will make a wonderful pillow! I have never tried hand torn, but love the look of it.

  3. Saundra,
    LOVE that pattern and your hooking is perfection!!! ( gave us the size again. Tks!)
    Hugs :)

  4. I found the direction of that first snip does cause the strip to go wide or narrow. I dont mind tearing, its quite fun actually, sometimes though little woolie dust surrounds my head like the boy in Charlie Brown and I have to put it down for awhile so my sinuses dont act up. Cant wait to see your pillow!


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