Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long Island Farm Binding

This will be my final posting on the binding of Long Island Farm (design by Lucille Festa) even tho I'm only 1/4 of the way finished....but at least one side is done.  This is what it looks like since the final loops were pulled.  If you recall I'd considered having the fence on the left look as tho it was going down the back of the hill.  Well I tried it and didn't like it so pulled out the loops and made it more symmetrical.
Someone did comment about the mitered corners being done neatly.  One secret is having the pointed corner sheared off as shown here. 
Next you fold down the corner like this.
Then fold the two sides inward until they meet in the center.  After which you pin and stitch.  You would basically do the same thing with the binding tape.
This is what the edge looks like with the variegated colored yarn which covers the very edge of the backing and the colors work well with the colors used in the rug.
I'm doing an update because I had a request to see the back of the rug with the binding.  Since Long Island Farm isn't completely bound I will show a portion of the one side which is at least whipped with the yarn but still isn't stitched down on the inside portion of the binding tape.  Here is that picture.
But here is a picture of the back of a rug "Henny Penny" by Woolley Fox, which is completely bound.  By the way, that design is on sale half off (check specials) until they are sold.  By the way, this little mat was rolled up so that is why you see wrinkles in the binding tape.  Since I have it for sale it doesn't get used and keep them rolled up.  But perhaps they need to come out of hiding and displayed on my chests or harvest table once in a while to get aired out.  I just LOVE Henny Penny!
Glenda has asked if I would write more about different cutters and frames since she doesn't live near other hookers or know of any shop where she might otherwise be informed.  I'll probably do one post on cutters and the next day talk about frames.  Thanks to all who have questions because this is how I know what you have an interest in.
Have a great evening everyone; and please be kind to one another.  This is the season which finds people's patience level being tested.  If standing in a long line, take a deep breath and maybe even crack a joke which might get a chuckle from someone and even neutralize situation.


  1. Would you please show the backside of the rug so I can see the rug binding (twill tape) or whatever it is and how it looks from the back.


  2. I'm enjoying these tutorials. Plus I love the "be kind" reminders.


  3. Long Island Farm is a beauty Saundra. By the way, it seems you have found a niche. You are doing a great job as a teacher ! ;)

  4. The binding and the back on that rug is fantastic. I can't wait to hear you talk about cutters and frames. I have wondered about frames and the differences.
    Thanks so much I am really loving this and I will try to make my corners look as neat as yours on my next rug.


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