Sunday, December 1, 2013

DECEMBER'S Stitchery and Quilt Applique'

Yup, the first of December is here and so it is time for this month's project that I made back in 1998.  All the other blocks were done in 1997 but this one was completed after moving into the house.  So it is this December quilt applique that I chose to do for the home just in time for the holidays.  This wasn't a pattern of the 12 month series.
The booklet below is the pattern that, had I followed all 12 designs, would have normally been the quilt block to be shown.  Since I'm no longer interested in quilt applique, perhaps this is a design that I'll hook instead.   Uh, for next year.
And here is the Stitchery for the month of December.
Sorry that I don't have any revelations for you newbies, but I've been busy doing other things so haven't gotten any further on the rug binding for Long Island Farm beyond trimming the linen.  Matter of fact I've not even hooking as much as I'd like. 

Hours yesterday and today I've spent on the computer listing my Gail Wilson doll kits and patterns on e-bay.  Since I don't have an interest in making dolls it seemed appropriate to offer them for sale on e-bay. 

Hope you have a great Sunday.



  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely applique piece.I think either one would look great hooked.Have a nice day.Christmas Blessings,Jen

  2. I have that set of Sarah Sporer patterns sitting out in my sewing room. I was given the patterns quite some time ago. I think I would rather do needle turn applique than the more prim style shown in the pattern.


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