Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vintage Santa and Deer

Here is the current picture of the progress on Santa and Deer.  Really wanted to keep on hooking but needed to cut more white wool for Santa's trim and decide an alternate color wool for Santa's gloves.  What I chose sure seemed like a good idea at the time because it had some gold and green in it but the value is just too close to the coat and it gets lost.  So now I'm thinking of going with the plaid used for the tree trunk which has some red but a lot of green.  Oh well, back to the drawing board...uh make that the wool cutting board.
If you look at my Santa you will see that I chose to go with a more primitive look for the face, sorta like the original.  My friend Shari (remember her perfection hand sculpted Santa in a previous post?) hooked her Santa with the eyes more realistic in appearance.
My background wool hasn't been chosen yet as more of the elements will have to be hooked before I decide that.  And, as I look at the original antique again am considering re-drawing the placement of the 'collar' from what I have on the nose like a halter, to more of a dog type collar like the original.  The jury is still out on that right now.

This is what the original looks like.  Part of me wants to have a dark brown border and tan/brown background like the original.  But not sure what I'll end up with since I've deviated from the original colors and design in so many other ways.
Before beginning to hook this design I'd also considered using various reds for Santa's coat like the original but figured that if I choose to sell it or given to my family, the more traditional red might be enjoyed more.

Hope you had a marvelous Christmas holiday with family and friends.  For those of you with other cultural celebrations I hope those were wonderful as well. 



  1. Each project is an adventure in itself

  2. Looking good
    Happy Holidays Saundra!



  3. Your santa is coming together nicely Saundra !
    I like all of the different reds in Santa's coat.


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