Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Some Headway

Yippee, I've pulled the last loop and steamed the antique Hearts and Swags piece.  Have even gone so far as to clean up all the wool strips from this project and put them away.  Thought I'd post a picture of it after being steamed and before being made into a pillow since the shape of a pillow will distort the look of the design.  This is a picture without a flash.  I love the look of the curl from the hand torn.  But not all wool used was hand torn as sometimes I wanted a thinner row of a color.
 While the steamed piece is resting I'm determined to finish binding Long Island Farm and get it hung.  I really want to start hooking another project but must get some of these pieces completely done.... meaning the binding.  Having 3 hooked items hanging in the balance to be bound is wearing me down. 

When I get ready to make Hearts and Swags into a pillow I'll do a tutorial of sorts.  Obviously my will power won't hold out and somewhere after having one bound and hung I'll start that new project.  Then will bounce between that new project (secret right now in case I change my mind on design), binding Shadow and making the pillow.

Have a great evening.  Yikes, just 3 days and it will be Christmas. 


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