Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santas and What I've Been Doing

It has been fun looking at Ali Strebel's blog and checking her daily Santa collection postings.  I've made and sold numerous Santa figures during my craft show life and of the many sold don't have pictures since they are on the 3.5 diskettes which are now antiquated.  So here are a couple Santas I was able to obtain pictures of with the use of newer data. 

This one someone inquired on my blog if it was for sale....and it was.  However, the person couldn't receive my response because she did not put her e-mail address on her profile page so it was a "no-reply" blogger.
And this one was made using part of a cutter quilt.  And when I say "cutter" it really was destroyed before I used it.  Often I will find quilts in a thrift shop which I CAN NOT cut up.  They are brought home and I enjoy them.  Hmm, think that is another day of blogger posting I'll save.
So now what have I been spending time doing since it isn't obviously rug hooking?  That would be making a wig and mustache for my grandson's class project where he transforms into Albert Einstein.  Of course there is much work that Zach is doing himself, but grandma has the resources to make the wig.  Items cannot be purchased, as in going to a costume store to buy or rent a wig.  All items must come from the home.  If only he'd gotten Abraham Lincoln.....sigh.  Just a top had would do.

To make the wig I started out with a lined shower cap and cut away the plastic so that what was left was the lining.  Then I proceeded to cut wool in various lengths and using a needle stitched 3 strands at a time into the wig base and knotted off a couple of the pieces of wool at the base to secure. 

This is Icelandic carded and spun (not twisted) wool from their sheep. When I was a hooking fanatic my Icelandic girlfriend would purchase it for me.  So this was great for me to use to make Einstein's hair. The grey was three ply but the white was only one ply so adjusted accordingly. 
Here I placed the partially done wig on a stand of sorts, so I could see how full it was.  Oh my but such a long way to go.  (by the way, the doll to the left is from my doll artist friend Shari Lutz and the one to the right is made by my dear friend Frannie Meshorer.
The wig and mustache are done, and eyebrows IF he wants to use them.  Not sure if the class project is tomorrow or Friday but his mother has PROMISED me photos of him in full dress before he is dropped of at school.

This has been fun helping and sharing in classwork with my grandson.  BUT, like him, I'm glad it is over.  Hey, I already went thru school already, worked already and now I'm retired and it is time for this old broad to play and have fun so I'm ready to get back to playing with my rug hooking again.  But can't wait to see pictures of him which I'll share.

Have a most marvelous evening everyone.  Grandma is going to play tonight with her Antique Hearts and Swags pillow.


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