Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seems Christmas Came Early at My House

Good heavens but there were a lot of presents delivered for me today and it feels like Christmas here at my house.  One fun package was the giveaway I won from the blog Primitives by the Light of the Moon (thank you Ginger).  Look at all the goodies that came in this one giveaway; there is the beautifully needle punched bird which has a hanger for a tree or to place on a hanging angel doll, a kit that includes wool cut outs and antique quilt piece plus calico back fabric, also swatches of fulled wool that could be used for wool applique.  WHOO HOO!
And this is another kit that Ginger offers and one that I recently made.  As you can see I've put it to good use already but pulled out some pins so you could see the design better.  The wool flower cut outs were so perfectly cut that it appears they are metal form pressed out but that is very unlikely since it would be so costly.  I'd say Ginger has two precise pair of hands which does all this perfected cutting.
Next package was a birthday gift to myself which arrived the day before my B'day.  Yup, a new cartridge for my Townsend cutter.... a #10.  I purchased the cartridge from Searsport and it was shipped to me directly from Beeline and bypassing a trip to Searsport (thanks Beeline and Searsport).  I didn't think I'd ever get a cartridge that big but since I'm loving the torn strips figured that having the #10 would take a lot less effort.  However, the piece that was started with Betsy with the torn strips WILL continue to be the torn strips.  That awaits in the wings while I continue slowly to pull loops on Shadow girl.
And speaking of Betsy....... my wool order also arrived today.  It hasn't been washed yet but that will happen in the next couple days for sure.  There's no rush since I've got two rugs on the burner at the same time now anyway.
The bottom wool is the wool I fell in love with at camp and knew more was needed for my stash.  It is called Donkey Cabbage.  And, I just read that the sale is extended until TODAY.  So don't walk, but RUN to the web site and place your order.  Here is the link to Heavens to Betsy's blog which will give you the coupon code.

Sorry there's no newbie news tonight as I've not accomplished a thing more on the binding.  Uh, remember..... binding is not my favorite thing so it sits in the wings.

Have a great evening everyone and warm fuzzy bear hugs to everyone.



  1. Hi Saundra - I need to get the pincushion kit that Ginger to me and get it stitched up too - love the way yours turned out. Lucky you to have a Townsend cutter - the #10 blade will be fun to use. Yummy new wools you received - nothing better than running your hands over it, right? LOL

  2. Oh what a good day at your house. Happy, happy birthday to you!
    I, too, mowed my leaves this week. So much easier than raking but my trees still have about half their leaves. They are maples but always lose them very late, but it's worth the fall aggravation to have the shade in summer.
    Hugs :)

  3. Beautiful things! I am waiting on my wool from Heavens to Betsy. Your birthday gift sparked a question for us newbies. I know you have talked about cutters somewhat but would you compare the cutters and frames. I do not have a shop or group to go to so I do not see anything in action. I started with a rotary cutter and then went to a used bliss. My first frame was just a wooden frame with grippers, I now have one that swivels. Not a floor frame. Tell me why you bought and like your cutter and frame. You never know when a girl might get some mad cash!

  4. A 10 that is good size for sure' hhappy birthday by the way and congrats on your win

  5. A 10 that is good size for sure' hhappy birthday by the way and congrats on your win

  6. Be still my beating heart.
    What is it with those Townsend cutter cartridges that makes me so happy when I order one ??
    Lovely packages you received.
    That Ginger is so very talented !
    Great new wool.
    You must be doing the happy dance, Saundra.;)

  7. I got a lovely package from Ginger too in the mail.
    How nice to get such a very nice birthday present.
    That is a dream of mine to buy a Townsend in the future,
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Saundra your pinkeep turned out wonderfully....Belated Happy Birthday! Love all your rug hooking projects you do beautiful work! Happy Trails....Ginger


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